Fashion and Philosophy

Fashion and Philosophy
If I were a fashion super-hero, I'd like to be called "Eclectia". Maybe "Mishmoshia". Though as super-heroes go, I kind of enjoy not carrying such a burden. I cry too easily, or get freakishly angry at mean people. I suppose that comes with the Gemini personality. But let's blame it on hormones. There are 2 severe sides to my personality, since I hit the big 40. A self reflective Zen student with a pre-pubescent "gimme-now!" tendancy. Waiting for my middle-aged Butterfly to surface. Hurry up already!
That's probably why my closet is filled with "trends" that I am already sick of , price tags still attached. They have since "gone out of style" or don't suit my fancy anymore. I see them as the equivalent of the red,shiny convertible that the Y chromosome is so fond of during "the change". I feel like I'm waiting to turn 16 so I can get my license to drive, or 21, so I can be "legal". Puberty all over again!
The great thing about it, this time around, is that I am much quicker to stop looking Outward for the solutions, and turn my attention Inward. All will be revealed in time. So I can relax. Remember who's in charge.
So, my last season, freshly tagged clothes are hitting the consignment shop. A little poorer in wallet, but hopefully richer in awareness. With the knowledge this time around that the Yen to my Yang isn't hidden. I just forgot where I put it !  By the Way, has anyone seen my keys ???
My outfit:
An embellished peasant top, plaid cotton skirt, tank, floral scarf, belt, thrifted leather mules, gold-coin dangle earrings. All bought on clearance, Dots or thrifted.
Gimme shelter!
A rain shower forced us inside, thus the jaundiced color. Poor Bitty!
I'm off to visit my parents for a week, so don't forget me! See ya next week :)
Hopefully more tanned and rested.
Time in the country is good for the soul !
I can't wait to get a remote!!! My gift to me ;) 
These chunky mules are so comfy!!! They're made by So.



You will be missed! :( Hope you find your visit relaxed and come back refreshed! Enjoy..
PS. I think scarves are like hats, they immediately transform ones attitude! I guess i'm trying to say, Girl, I like your scarf!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Aw, I'll miss your posts and comments full of sunshine while you are gone! I hope you come back more refreshed and relaxed! We all need a mental and physical break sometimes.

I really do love your top! It seems like it would be so easy and breezy to wear in the summer time. I've been into "boho" items lately, and the top is just what I like!

Lady Cardigan said...

I suspect my sudden interest in clothes and shopping is my version of a mid-life crisis. At least it's fun (unlike my new grey hair, lines, and hot flashes...)

Love your bohemian outfit. The scarf is pretty. I hope you enjoy your visit with your parents and come back refreshed.

Daisy Dukes said...

I don't know what is going on with but whatever it is you look great and your outfit rocks! Great colors on you!

Hope you have a relaxing wonderful trip. You'll be missed!

Vintage Vixen said...

I'll miss you so hurry back!
Have a wonderful time at your folks' and see ya very soon.


You've been Awarded, come on over and get your Award! Who needs Chictopia?

★ Nina Saiful said...

Have fun :)
This outfit looks adorable on you, very bohemian chic. And I love that skirt :D

great blog!!

Classique chérie

Beth said...

I love this outfit. I am actually printing it out and puttin it on my inspiration board in my closet.

Hurry Back.

gina said...

Love the light neutrals and the off-the-shoulder top!

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Cute outfit Reva! I love the soft and creamy color palette.

I also just wanted to thank you for all your sweet comments on my blog. You have always been so supportive and kind to me, thank you so much!

Maria said...

Hi, it's been a while. Hope you're enjoying your vacation!

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I somehow missed that you were going on vacation. I actually wanted to check in on you to make sure you're okay. I hope the vacation is great!

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