The Lazy Girl's Post

I spent the day bombarding you-know-who and strolling down memory lane! As I was going through photos, I ran across some forgotten ones and a few of my favorite outfits I've posted. I've only been blogging a little over 6 months, but can see an evolution of sorts. My photo habits have changed, my comfort level has increased, and my posing has definitely gotten less serious! As I sit, in this sundress,(above) I thought I'd be lazy and post some of my favorite outfits from the past 6 months. I guess these "looks" are most true to my style since I like them best. I'll be back to posting up-dated outfits tomorrow! Which ones are your favs? Do any "suit" my frame better than others? I like opinions and I also want to thank my followers for their support. I may not comment as often as I should, but I do appreciate every single one of you!!! ( I'm practicing my acceptance speech for the Featured Blogger Over 40 moment! - I'll have so many to thank and I WILL call you by name ;) I really look angry up there don't I !

" There and Back Again" 
A Lazy Girl's Post.
My first Weardrobe post outfit called Spring Neutrals ( I think)

Then I decided to come inside! With full-blown war paint.

Then I got "Artsy".

Lost images of a really cool oriental coat. These are new :)
I ventured outside. It didn't last very long!

Some Holiday outfits. I did a theme week, called "Modern Hostess." Yikes!!! It was Hell, I tell ya!
This is about the time I began to feel "comfortable" with my outfits. The first 2 are really "me" and the 3rd is a great vintage wrap skirt, which you will be seeing this summer!
A trip to my home-town.

Trying my Bad-Ass looks.

Feeling Girly!
And Sassy!

And into the present!

                Big Pearls and no air-brush!
I really love this last photo. It is Aunt Dot's Hair. How beautiful it is.
Here's to being Lazy! See ya tomorrow!!!


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Great post, Reva. I like watching people evolve over time. You're right about your posing seeming more comfortable. I especially like the fall look with the blue top. That color is great on you.

Daisy Dukes said...

My fave outfits are the one with the black leggings, grey skirt and black vest, and the one with the black leg warmers where you are shooting pictures AND the one in black with the pink flats and pink sash around your hips. Hard to pick just one.

I think you look really good in black.

I also like the one you headed up with, the long coat, especially when I saw the jeans peaking through. I thought that went together real nicely.

QueenDiva said...

Love all the photos... your photography has evolved so much... I love your blog :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Reva, you are utterly stunning with an innate, enviable stylishness. You look amazing in each and every shot....I salute you.


Lady Diva!
I love the the dress with distressed jeans, the oriental jacket, the black with hot pink accents... Goodness I've lost track. I like your style!
Don't Stop :0

CalamityJem said...

Dear Reva,
a plethora of fabulous get-ups!
The B&W photo at the end is stunning.

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