It's Good To Be Back

There's no place like home! It's good to be back! Thanks for all your Birthday wishes. My trip started out as my usual forced meditation car trip, which is about 5-6 hrs. highway driving. Playing music so loud the windows rattled and feeling free as a bird. Sun, wind and clouds flying by with Lucinda's "Live at the Filmore" blasting! I wore a white cotton dress with boots sans socks and my favorite cowboy hat to get me in the country spirit. This is my usual first stop, at a rest area in Indiana. It was a freakin windy day! It's usually pretty deserted, and I can pop off a few shots here.

I definitely had a feather theme. (necklace: F21) and silver feather dangle earrings.
This Route 66 dress is a perfect summer item. The heat index was over 100 and very humid.
I made it in time to have fresh green beans, potatoes and a tomato from Dad's garden!
My Mom and I spent a day riding around, and going to yard sales. 
When I hit the 2 lane highway into my hometown, I popped some shots. The sky seems bigger in KY.
Horse farms,
Flat corn and soybean fields, Grain silo's,
And coal belts stretch for miles to the Ohio River.
I'm always attracted to old, run-down barns, houses and churches.
This Pinto and Donkey really caught my attention. My Mom is fun to ride around with. She has neat stories about the old days when these small towns were booming. This area is called Caseyville, and old river town.
This old church sits just a few hundred yards from the river bank.
I guess no matter where you go, graffiti is there. Across the river is Illinois.

Tomorrow I will have some yard-sale goodies, and more outfits from the trip!
Although being in a no-computer zone ( my parents don't even have an answering machine ) was refreshing,
I really Missed you all !!!


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

I can't wait to see more trip pictures. You have such a cool country girl vibe going on here, nicely done!

Beth said...

I feel refreshed just perusing these photos- Such a beautiful trip.

Love all the jewelry. Amazing

Vintage Vixen said...

Hooray! You're back!!! You have been missed, Reva.
Those photos are utterly wonderful, just how I imagined. I wanna get Gilbert fired up and hit that freeway.
That peacock feather necklace is to die-for, absolutely fabulous outfit, my dear.
Now I know you're back a small parcel will be winging it's way to you across the Atlantic, from the UK with love.
Happy belated birthday wishes!

Daisy Dukes said...

I'm so glad you're back. Welcome home! We missed you!

Reva, I love your tours. That just got me all choked up. I miss home so much. There is nothing in the world like the USA.

Rhianna said...

Such a cute outfit! I love that white dress!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

So glad that you are back and had a lovely trip!

I'm really liking everything about the outfit. From the cute hat,the gorgeous jewelry, to the perfect little white dress!

Lesa said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Love the outfit too, especially the boots and the jewelry.

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