Old Gap Floral

Remember when the Gap, the Limited and Liz Claiborne were into the vintage floral prints? Usually with roses ? I'm guessing the early to mid 90's? I loved em'! This top is a Gap, thrifted of course, and seems to fit the current floral frenzy, plus I just really like it! Paired with a boho skirt and cloth China flats, It fits my super-hero status as Eclectia. I added a vintage necklace and self-made earrings. Wa-La! I left the bottom 2 buttons undone, to show a little sexy! Peek-A-Boo! I hear yellow is the "it" color of this summer, so my earrings match the trendies! Plus there's a yellow rose in here somewhere!
 Sorry for the blurry images. It was getting dark and my cheapo was the only cammy with charged batteries!
I like the way the top is cropped. I had on a belt, but it was too much!
Could this be the "Magic Shot"???? ;)
I flippin love this top!
Can you tell ?
Oh Yeah, and I tried the runway inspired messy big hair tutorial on Kathryn's blog, though I had to edit it a bit. I didn't have the squishy bun mold, so I cut up an old loofa to make one with. I also need more zig-zag bands, but the tutorial is great and so easy! Thanks, Kathryn! Just click on the photo to see it !
Ignore the puffy stomach stance ;) I wasn't in my "blog-pose"!


Vintage Vixen said...

Hey Reva! Nice to see ya again.
I love that rose print top with the gypsy skirt! Those Mid-90's florals were so much more zingy and vibrant than those wishy-washy things around today.
Yeah to a flash of flesh, tres sexy!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Looking good!
I can totally understand why you're obsessed with this crop top...it's gorgeous! The floral print is perfect.

I'm always too scared to wear cropped tops, but you pull this one of fearlessly! You go girl! :D

JordanMayTwigs said...

Sorry I havn't been commenting on your posts lately,
I adore that top for sure.
You've been sporting some pretty stellar outfits lately.
I'm jealous for sure.




Hello Lovely,
Your wearing more clothes than I today!
Stunning as usual. I am falling in love with roses myself! ;-)


Beach house, cool neighbors, Deal!

gina said...

What a great look! I love the red flowers with the red shoes, and the muted green skirt in the middle.

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