Cincinnati Street Style !

Oh what a Night ! Cincinnati has style out the wazoo! I attended a Fashion show, thanks to the awesome Kasmira, of What I Wore Today, The Queen of The Queen City Fashion world!  The show was A Red, Pink and Blue event celebrating women's health, with Red, for Heart Health, Pink, for Breast Health and Blue, for Diabetes. CincyChic, the leading women's forum in Cincy,was a sponsor, as well as many local vendor's and Heath care agencies. I actually talked my husband into going with me, and he had a great time, too!

I gotta admit, I was really nervous meeting Kasmira for the first time (in person) and told my Hubs to poke me if I gushed too much. He was no help whatsoever. Kasmira's honey was a delight as well ! I worried about what to wear for such meeting, but decided to go with my Bohemian style, as I feel most comfy in this type of stuff. Kasmira was a vision, in the perfect blue vintage sundress. If you think she's gorgeous on her blog, she's even more lovely in person. Hopefully I didn't gush too much!!! In the lead photo, we are doing our runway strut! I can't believe I forgot to get a shot of her shoes!

I did manage to get some Cincy Street styles before the show, so I hope you enjoy! Grab some pop-corn ;)
As we arrived, you could see the tents for miles. This is the Purple People Bridge, a walking bridge. That's where the show was. The model's strutted the bridge. What a long walk in heels!!! And I swear it's purple.
Everyone was so nice and willing to let me get a shot of them. Thanks lovlies!
The attire was summer , laid-back chic! I absolutely loved this guy's outfit. Perfection !!!

Plenty of drinks and dancing! This couple was awesome!
Meeting my Blog-donia Idol:
Jewelery was provided by Serket Jewery.
I flipped for these turquoise pieces, which were very lovely on the models.
As a belated B-day gift, Hubs bought me a pair of gigantic earrings, Kinda celtic and boho. You'll see em' soon!
The first appearance of my Hubs. Take a bow, honey! I pinned my beret with sequined flower pins. He shaved ;)
There were a lot of sculptures, and at any Cincy event ya gotta have some pigs!
This gorgeous sculpture was only $ 6800.00! Yikes!
Now for the show! Which was inspired by the "Sex and the City 2" Movie !
My Favorite, A breezy chiffon dress with studded belt and killer chunky heels.
Kinda sweet meets bad-ass!
Fashions by: ALK FASHION.

The finale. However, the true vision were the survivor's and their stories.
This little fashionista in waiting was a cutie!
My shoes ;)
Afterwards, a fireworks display over the Ohio River! The shots are bad, but it's really hard to hold a cammy during fireworks!
We ended the evening at Johnny Rocket's. Banana and Strawberry milkshake highly recommend !

Thanks again to Kasmira, of What I Wore Today for the tickets. We had a blast !!!



Look what I missed out on! Rats! So much fun! Girl you look fabulous in the Bohemian attire. LOVE!~ Kasmira is a stunner, as is Mr.REVA!

Bianca said...

What a beautiful event. Thanks so much for posting all the pics and you guys both looked wonderful! :-)

Daisy Dukes said...

wow what fun! i loved all the pics. You all three luke mahvelus!

Kasia said...

nice shoes;)

Kel Ward Photography said...

Oh my gosh, one of my favorite posts ever! What a totally cool fashion show! How awesome that you and Kasmira met (I follow her too)! I looove the jewelery...drooling. Can't wait to see your new earrings!

Kasmira said...

It was SO great to meet you! I've been offline most of the weekend, so I'm just catching up with your post now and I haven't answered any emails. We'll have to get coffee soon!

Maria said...

It is very cool that you got to meet Kasmira. Hers was the first blog I ever read and although we don't have the same style, she's always an inspiration. I love that first picture, you both look like you're having such a great time. Oh, and you and your husband make a lovely couple!

Tamia said...

The show was so fun! I'm jealous that you managed to get pics of the fireworks--by the time I managed to get my camera back out of the bag, they were over.


Vintage Vixen said...

What a fun post, Reva! There's some stylish ladies (and gents) here but I think you and your hubs take the award for the coolest!

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