Cat Skirt

As someone who has the attention span of a gnat, plus "mania", which I simply refer to as a good day, I bought this material with high hopes of making a quilt. The material eventually got buried, but when I saw the kitty dress floating around the fashion blogs, I decided to dig up my prints and make a skirt! It's a bit gitchy, but was fun and easy to make, and fun to wear. I am definitely and officially the neighborhood cat lady.
Plus Zebra print flops to match!
This stuff is awesome !!! I used it for the hem, and it really works.
The bird earrings seemed to fit the theme. Poor Kitties !
I decided to add a brown belt to break up the black.
It's so good to not be sick anymore - Thanks everybody :) I'm gearing up for a trip to see my parents later this week, so I will actually be getting dressed again. Yipee!
Top: Danskins, Earrings: Target, Flippies: Walgreen's, Hat: Target.


Lesa said...

I love the cat skirt with your kitty in the background also love the bird accessories. The earrings are wonderful. I have a three little birds bracelet (and tatoo, but we won't get into that....) from Bob Marley's song " every little thing is going to be alright...from a time when I was very low, plus they represent my three girls, double plus-I love Bob Marley.....

Vintage Vixen said...

Bitty-Bitty really wants to get in on the act today!
Great pussycat skirt, pretty shape and my fave colour. Attention span of a gnat? Surely that's just me!
Hope you're feeling better.


Glad to see your feeling better. Love the cat skirt, and Bitty Bitty is so adorable. Prowling the territory. I love indoor outdoor cats!

Beth said...

That may be the cutest skirt I have ever seen. How crafty. Glad your feeling mo betta.

Lady Cardigan said...

What a funny idea to put the bird earrings with the cat skirt. You always look so fresh and cute. It's an inspiration to me not to give up trying to dress more creatively.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Too cute of a skirt!
I can't believe that you made it: I'm incredibly impressed an jealous!

And of course I will follow you! You are my first Ohio blogger that I have found. Us Ohioans have to stick together! :)

Weesha said...

this is such a fun outfit, the skirt is seriously cute as are the earrings and flip flops! You are so awesome <3

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Your cat skirt is adoooorable! I love the color and the pattern!

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