Seafoam Hippie Chick

I was feeling groovy today. My hair was clean, my hubs went grocery shopping for me and Newport News sent me a 15 dollar gift card to spend on a Birthday gifty! My big day isn't til the 19th, but I couldn't wait to get the sandals I've had my eye on! Yipee! I love to get packages. And cards, or letters. Real mail instead of E-mails or forwards. There's something so special about a hand written note that is touchable and can be tucked away in my memory box! I even did laundry I was so motivated! My outfit is a skirt that used to be a Merona dress, but I cut the top off and made it a Maxi skirt. I like the cool mint green and mixed with brown gave it a punch of "tough" color. My lovely clogs, from Gina, were a perfect match for the slew of brown and colorful beads and belt. I did a "bump" on top of my hair, thanks to the hints from Work With What You've Got, as she and I both have long bump-worthy hair. I had my first in season watermelon today and it was perfect! Enough rambling........ WW#40 is still in full force............ updates will be added as needed. I am hoping some of these shots are worthy! well, see ya tomorrow! Have a great "humping" day  ;)

Beads from everywhere (World Mkt.,thrifted, Penny's,Black Mkt.Minerals) and Earring: self-made.
I really like the copper pendant in the middle (thrifted).
Mossimo super long tanks.

The greatest clogs ever! Thanks Gina!!! Clothes, Inter Alia.


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

This look is great on you. I wish that I was tall and slim enough to pull off a look like this. I'm especially loving the layers of necklaces.

Vintage Vixen said...

Reva, I adore your Hippie Chic look! I love those clogs sooo much, too and the fabulous ethnic beads.
If you'd care to email me with your address I'd love to send you a little parcel from the UK!

Kel Ward Photography said...

I love this outfit from head to toe! It shows off your rockin' body with style and class.


Love this look, Long and Lean!
Well done, darling!

I too love the handwritten note, and packages are the best.


Helga! said...

Looking like a hot tamale!!!Thanks for popping by my blog,lovey!!We hot "mature"(haha)chicks need to stick together!!You've got a nice looking pussy,by the way,hope you spotted mine!!!:)

Helga! said...

O,yeah,I have the deepest girkie love for my Vix;we are certain we are twins.

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