From Dream Street to Paranoid Avenue........

All in the same day.............

Sorry to post so late, but I had a day and a half yesterday. It started early - Awash in excitement as I barreled down the boulevard to UC. Yep, I"M GETTING MY VEINS DONE ! That's a big let down for such an enticing last entry. Kinda like the series finale of Seinfield. Anyhoo, for me it is very exciting to wrangle the snake running down my leg for good. I went last week, and my doctor didn't know I was waiting ( Thanks again, Nurse ), and left. She left! So, I got "worked" back in. Yippee! I hope to walk you through the process, as it unfolds, in case anyone's considering such a surgery. Since this is a fashion blog, Here's my outfit. 1. Thifted floral espadrilles ( I think they are old, as the heels is very narrow), 2.My fav. neutral skirt,thrifted (originally from the Limited), 3.white T, 4.Faded thin denim shirt, the W place, 5.Scarf: Target, 6.Earrings,F21, 7.Hat,thrifted,LizC. 8.Arm candy, various places. 9.Belt,thrifted, 10.Bag,thrifted,Aigner. This is a really long post, probably my longest, so we'll call it a 2-fer one. Grab a pop and bucket of popcorn! I think the show's worth it. The commentary, take it or leave it :) This shot is my tourist look: ( I just noticed the numbers 331 in the back-ground, should I play the lotto? Here I come, Vix! )

O.K., then I went to my favorite street, Ludlow Avenue in Clifton and played tourist in my home-town. This street can't be described in photos. The architecture is old, with gas street lights and iron fences which meets the young bright colors, trendy shops and ethnic foods of the students to flower boxes loaded with fresh flowers lining the tops of the buildings for the older hippies who live there. There's always a petition to be signed and fliers on the light posts for the newest bands or an old couch for sale. It's a slice of everything neat and cool about the city all rolled up into a few blocks. I didn't fear asking people to take my photo, they are all too cool to think of stealing the camera! ( I even snagged an old iron table from the trash beside an apartment building ) . I talked with the Super who was a peach! He tried to give me a T.V. and a skateboard, but I did take him up on the practically new curtain rods he was pitching out! I tend to always look up, when I'm here and pretend that I live in one of the apartments above the shops, where (in my fantasy) I also own the building and have my own vintage shop below. The apartment I live in also has a roof-top garden.

My imaginary roof top garden is right up there, in the gutted out bricks!

Then I found the perfect outfit ever!!! It is a dream outfit, and at $120 (plus tax) it will remain a dream. The shop keeps won't allow photos to be taken in their shops, It's a paranoid thing, but I did pop a few and one shop keep actually let me pop one of him holding a great outfit! This guy was so cool and definitely not born in Cinti, as he wasn't freaked out by my need to pop off photos! He even wanted to put dream outfit on hold for me!!! Here it is:

Outfit # 2:

Isn't he so cute !!! If I ever do get 120 extra mad money I will get one of these! The store is aptly called Nirvana!
This yellow dress and bag is what caught my eye and led my feet inside!
Which also had the coolest Mata-Hari style 2 piece "outfits"? He said they were for dancing, not swimming!
( At $69.95 you could just hire a hooker! )
Lap Dance anyone ???
These were from a different shop, and as always, Way over-priced. The thin,cotton pant was $50!!!
Goodwill: $3.99!
The fedora was everywhere, but on this street, the cost and honestly, the quality, was much higher.
This outfit was outside a University shop, which usually sells T's. Well done!

I tried to capture the essence of Ludlow Avenue with these shots:
This is my favorite building on the street. It is huge and filled with renting students and artists.
This theater used to be the place to go for indie movies, but sadly economics forced them to go more mainstream.

The fire house, Ladder Co. 11.
I even love the alleys! I wonder who lives way back there ?
That's me! Kidding! But she did capture the feeling of the afternoon!
A mural of the old Busy Bee restaurant, which was a Cinti landmark eatery, as if looking at it through the window and across the street! It's backwards. The restaurant closed :(  They had the best burgers in the world!

My favorite purple flower shop. It's on the corner and pretty much the first thing u see coming from U.C.

The infamous Pangaea and Sitwell's coffee house.
If you find street parking, it's a glorious day! I have a secret spot near the library ;)
Graeter's Ice Cream, a Cincinnati tradition (was featured on Oprah) next to a gas light. Everyone knows where you're at when u say the gaslight district. Homes are severly over-priced here as well, but gorgeous. I'll save them for another day :)

Oh Yeah, this is a style blog! But first....... After snap-a-palloza in Clifton, I ran to the bank, etc. in my neighborhood and saw a hidden fenced area to pop my shots. The people of this city need Valium!!! I immediately got a guy coming at me in mid-pose to ask what I'm doing there? This happened before, same street, same guy? No, not really, but he was afraid I was photographing their trucks and logo! As if ! I quickly realized I had left Dream Street for Paranoid Avenue. For all who are thinking of moving, use your instincts!!! Don't let the price tags fool ya! Each neighborhood has a feeling. A vibe. Buy something smaller, or a fixer-upper, rather than settling !!!

After my great day, I treated myself and Hubs to a steak dinner. Only to spend the evening on the bathroom floor, worshiping the butt bowl. Thank God it's at least cool. Kinda soothing. I suppose the cow got back at me. I knew better, but I was craving meat. Meaty meat,meat. I ate it all, and even knawed the bone. I never throw up anymore, but this was little kid sick. Bucket by the bed sick. Feeling sorry for myself sick. I'm still sick, and loaded on promethazine. Half price day at Goodwill is not in the cards. Hopefully see ya tomorrow. If not, in leu of flowers, send a check to charity of your choice.

Does this image look funny to you, too ?
SEE YA !!!



I Love this post! The buildings the shops The Reva!

Hope you feel better, I can't go a day without Reva's Adventures in Cinti.

gina said...

I like the earrings and the sandals. Cute hat!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Oh, wow! I live in Ohio,too! Actually fairly close to Cincinnati: about three hours away or so. The city looks so perfect and quaint with a ton of interesting sites. Your pictures make me want to visit so badly! I am looking at colleges currently,so perhaps I should take a college visit up to the Uni. of Cincinnati! ;)

I must say I adore your shoes... Espadrilles are the absolute best! I love the little floral print on yours, it makes the shoes so special.

P.S. I hope you feel better!

Beth said...

I LOVE this post. Seriously I feel like I was right there with you shopping and getting minor out patient procedure (you are totally a gal after my own heart)
With the exception of the cow's revenge it sound like a perfect day

Daisy Dukes said...

I can't believe you scored those espadrilles in a thrift shop.

I liked the tour as well. Great idea! I wonder who lives at the end of that street, too ;)

So true what you say about neighborhoods. I always forget to think about who my neighbors are going to be when I move and it is like the most important thing.

You look really cute in your outfit. I hope you feel better.

Vintage Vixen said...

I love this post! Like a travel show only cooler. Those shops, the buildings, the architecture, your shoes and as for that Indian shop, fabulous (but very overpriced).
Hope you're feeling better today, chucking up is absolutely vile.

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