Simple and Flowy Summer

I love the essence of this outfit. Simple, flowy and summery, without baring a lot of skin. The sheer top paired with a thrifted Limited skirt reminds me of Vacation wear. Usually I am a walking sunburn, and need sleeves to ward off the evening chills. I added a pop of cherry red lipstick for good measure! The leather mules are a favorite of mine. I broke them while at my parent's. Walked right out of them, but my Dad and his super-glue can fix anything!!! I also liked mixing dots with a demure floral. Thanks, blogdonia ! Keeping me thinking like a blogger at all times ;) Sometimes to the point of insanity !!! I even started to think this look was too boring for a post! Get a grip !!! That reminds me, Dot's is holding a tank for me!
Top: TJMaxx, past seasons, Skirt: Limited,thrifted, Fitted tank: Sears, Mules: Burlington Coat Factory
I popped a lot, to secure the flowy-ness!
This may be the winning WW#40 shot ! Wish me luck ;)
This outfit would look good with killer chunky heels, but the primary word is killer!
See Ya!!! Gotta go pick up my 3 dollar tank!
Have a terrific week!


Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...
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Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Have you seen Indiana's post on how to be featured on the photo sites? It's hysterical:

Lesa said...

Hi Reva, love the way your top has comes to the point in the from, looks unique, just like you!

Vintage Vixen said...

Loving the mix of prints in this outfit, Reva. I'm a fan of long sleeves and short skirts (unless I've had a glass of something cheeky than I just let it all hang out).
Nice work!


Girl, I love the last picture. A girl on a mission!
DOTS is having a crazy SALE!

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