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Nothing like a Bad Ass chick in a trench coat with knives and garters !!!

I know, this is the fantasy image of every 14 yr.old boy on the planet, but I like it. I am still alive, but still sick, so a movie-fest is in full swing. I am a Nintendo gamer from way back. Yep. Me. Resident Evil is a series of games that would keep you on the edge of your sofa for hours on end, screaming "Watch Out!!! Birds!!!" and so on. The movies are really bad, but Milla Jovoich as Alice, can kick some @ss ! Packing machine guns and slinging blades to kill the zombies before they bite and turn you into walking cannibals. A super-chick. And wearing a trench, layers and boots with leggings and garters. What's not to like? Well, bad acting, but who cares when u get to see a tiny girl busting it up! Not a Zen movie, nor an Oscar winning indie, but I think I'll be Alice on Halloween. And she's not killing people, they are zombies who want to eat you!!! A thunderstorm is approaching, so I will get back to The Chronicles Of Riddick, a Vin Diesel kick-@ss-a-thon on planet Creamatoria with necromancers !!! See ya soon...............
I love this outfit !!!

( Drag trench behind a fast moving truck on a gravel road first.)
( Statement necklace : a row of ammo.)
( Signature Piece. Get it ? ;)
Grrrr !!!.......................
This ain't no SJP movie, Grrr..............
( Though I will be renting Sex in the City 3 when it arrives. Gotta see the outfits!)
At the premier in Tokyo. What a dress! Her statement necklace sure isn't ammo! I wish she'd wore chunkier, darker shoes. Almost too pretty, ya think? Sort of Bridesmaidesque. (Disclaimer: Love her!!!) Wonder what she has in the clutch? Smokes and gum and a lipstick. Bet Ya!

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Vintage Vixen said...

Don't you love a kick-ass female? My favourite action-packed lady has to be the wonderful Michelle Roderiguez in Girlfight, a cool indie flick from 2000.
I agree about SJP's footwear, far too wishy-washy and girly (don't like the clutch or the belt either) but she is a stunner!

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