Floppies and Florals

Hi everybody!
   I've been dying to wear these leggings and finally the weather permitted, well kinda ;).... I just can't resist rose patterns!
   Then last year I went floppy hat crazy and feel the need to at least wear one per week, as to get my money's worth, so this week it's the black one. I still have pink, purple,red and a neutral straw one.  So you've been warned :)
Now for my weekend update:

Target.com has boots on sale for $12.24 (and less) plus free shipping over $50.00 ! Since fall is just around the corner, it's a win-win, BUT, the stock is limited and the ones I really wanted are on back-order, and since they are clx. I really don't expect to get them. My fingers are crossed ;) I do like my boots ;)

I was asked by the infamous 'Anonymous' this week-end
 if I were really a woman! 
I honestly had to laugh as my night-sweats and bra issues are a constant reminder of my "femaleness"...

Lastly, I am still working on
a How-to Turban vlog, 
so don't give up on me...  
I'm having technical difficulties :)
Here's to a fantastic week :)

LEGGINGS: JCPenny's / TUNIC: JCPenny's / SHOES: Penny's
White spaghetti strap dress (underneath) OLD NAVY
EARRINGS: 1928 (retired) / BANGLES: Dot's / Pink Bangle: Vintage
HAT/ Target


Anonymous said...

Glad you kept your sense of humor about anonymous' comment. Yep, you're a woman, all right. I love the floral leggings and I've been wearing my floppy hats in this awful heat.

Nelly said...

Who and where is this anonymous clown?How rude.Your def all woman lol.Loving the florals.Did you get my email the other day?

Serene said...

LOL Reva, I think I'll really feel like I've "made it" when I get a snippy Anonymous comment! Those leggings are so great! Very Laura Ashley and you wear them fabulously!!! Hugs! ~Serene

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I am not exactly sure how anyone could question if you are a woman or not...you are totally female!! And looks like this just confirm it! You belong on a world tour...

Anonymous said...

I think u should do some nude shots to shut the other annonimus up for good :)

Frocktasia said...

Dearest Reva,
Hope you are doing well.
What a silly commenter, have they really got so little going on in their lives that they have to spend time trolling about the blogosphere? My advice to them would be to start their own blog and channel their energies into something creative & good rather than something negative that will ultimately only bring them down...remember every day of your life you are collecting Karma brownie points and you'll not be getting any for your trolling activities that's for sure.
Great leggings (& legs) Reva and I love your hat too.
Lot's of love,

Nelly said...

Hi Reva is all well and did my email come thru?

Sheila said...

That is the silliest anonymous comment ever!

Love the roses, and love the splashes of black with this.

Anonymous said...

Cool new header!!

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