Heat, Humidity, Snapshots and The "Girls"

Hi everyone!
  I admit, I've been really lazy this week.
 Most of my time has been spent indoors...
However, I had errands to run today and I popped on this skirt as a top in honor of the lovely Christina of  Second Skin Style. I'm really not sure if she is still around as the last post I saw was a May entry...
I used to work for Sears, and when these little skirts went on clearance, I bought each print they had. I've worn them as beach cover-ups, and tops. The drawstring is a perfect way to create a halter. Now for the down-side...
The Girls !
If  you are a C/D (and up) cup, the summery strapless/tiny strapped tops and dresses can be very uncomfortable...  As a woman over 45, my breasts aren't 'bra-less worthy', and a strapless bra can be the equivalent of wearing a hot,tight girdle around your breast! 
So what's a girl to do? Well...

1. Wear a loose blouse  or shrug over the strapless tops or dresses (this also avoids the "farmer's tan" you can get on your arms) 
(think of the top as added sunscreen.)
2. Wear a flesh-tone bra with the strapless tops just in case the shrug blows open.
4. You can suffer through a strapless, but I buy a size smaller as it avoids slippage ;)
5. Buy a halter style convertible bra.
5. Wear a tank underneath w/a bra.
6. If your breasts are "heavy" avoid the tape kind. In my experience, they don't hold...
( Does anyone else have any other suggestions? )
I'd be eternally grateful ;)
Hair Tip for summer:
To create height and thickness in your hair on these hot, humid days,sleep with 3 large rollers on top of your head and spray them with gel or hairspray before bed. The lift will endure :)
Yellow shirt: Old Navy
Cut-off shorts: old / Skirt: Sears (old)
Beads:JCPenny / Earrings: Dot's
Scarf: South Pole, thrifted
Floral cloth flippies: Target
Sunnies: Mine from the 80's / Butterfly barrette: Dot's?

Here are a few fun shots I took for this week :)
I hope you enjoy...
My dream job is getting closer...
I can feel it ;)
Does this remind you of anyone ??? :)
Vix, perhaps?
Meet Buddy, our neighbor......
He sees Bitty-Boo ;)
He is so photogenic
Sorry, Kasmira, But I believe I am the cat whisperer ;)
our first 
The Boo...
Itchy  and  Scratchy...
Vignette Obsession
Just blowin' in the Wind...
What ???
I read AND sew (kinda) 
Dirty nose 
Home tweet Home (Get it ?)
also kinda sneaky...
Night humidity
Did you know you are already dehydrated when you wake up? 
Drink a glass of water to start your day the right way, 
especially in the summer heat.


Serene said...

Reva, as my girls are not of the bodacious variety, they're pretty easily managed! :) I mentioned Christina on my blog today too! Oh my GAWSH!!!! (insert high school girl squeal here!) I miss that girly! You look adorable and COOL! Hippie Hug to you!!!! ~Serene

Kasmira said...

we're going to have us a whisper-off!

Vix said...

That's my sign! Awesome!
I don't have any trouble with my girls, I'm quite glad to be lacking in that department, bras make me feel miserable at the best of times.
You look glorious, bohemian, cool and hippy chic, you could never tell that it's killingly hot.
Loving the puddycats and your hair is beautiful!
Loads of love, Vix xxx

Sheila said...

I love all your pictures! Especially the kitty ones. :)

Please send some heat my way - we haven't had any summer heat yet.

Anonymous said...

the foot prints were fun
i want to rob you and take all your clothes, i love them.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

You are so amazingly creative!! and super cool too!!!

Anonymous said...

I can tell you are beatin' the heat. My favorite photo of so many good ones here is oddly the one of the sprinkler and the humid footprints at night.

I know when I have to wear strapless things, I use my bra with the clear straps.


Thanks for the titty tips! I have a pair of D's myself, and I'm always looking for new ways to support them. Fabuloso!

Also, thank you so much for the sweet response to my most recent entry on competition and such. People can be mean, negative, and horrible... you are a beautiful woman and whoever wrote that comment needs to find a hobby.

Truth be told, I receive negative comments frequently on my blog, and the worst part is that they come from people who are so-called 'friends.' There's only so much you can do after awhile (I have approached a specific friend about it more than once) so now I'm just attempting to ignore it. She's just jealous and insecure!

Bonnie said...

You are looking cool as a cucumber Reva and I'm loving all the cat pictures. You are quite a wonderful photographer.

Fashion Tales.... said...

Wow, I love this full-packaged post. Your necklace is beautiful. You're too cute - love the home tweet home, lol. :)

wardrobeexperience said...

nice summery shots... far too cold here in germany... :(


the Citizen Rosebud said...

great pics, Reeves!

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