Mixed Prints and Weekend Fun

Hi Everybody!
A quickie post to say have a terrific weekend :) I'm off to get ready for the concert tonight (YOU-KNOW-WHO:) and I think I've decided what to wear, finally. No, it isn't this ;)
If you want to have some fun with your images 
this weekend, pop over to lunapics.com. I am so hooked ;)
Stay cool and have a terrific weekend!


Serene said...

Have fun at the concert! I love love love your lipstick! Weekend hug girly! ~Serene

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Reva, I took you thrifting with me a couple of days ago..well you were in my head any way...I bought two items which were 100% silk..they go to the cleaners tomorrow...but maybe I can wear one or two of the items next week. Thanks for going with me!!!
Enjoy the concert and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

You look angelic in the first one
I want that outfit and of course you did your hair in a fun wrap. You must teach on a vlog

Anonymous said...

These prints are perfect together. Have fun at your concert--I want to hear all about it.

Helga! said...

LOVE this print mix;the skirt is heavenly!
Enjoy the concert!!!

Nelly said...

I also live the way you have the prints mixed I lve teh way you have your hair wrapped.I thnk that looks like a scarf I have you must show me it when unfolded.

Vix said...

A beautiful miss-match of prints and the scarf in your hair tops the lot, it's stunning.
Enjoy your concert. I'm actually having a night in this evening, unheard of! I'm quite excited. xxx

SheWhoAccessorizesWell said...

I love your print combo. I like the colors--so pretty.

Bonnie said...

I love everything about this outfit especially the paisley. You look great, did you have fun at the concert?


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