Vintage and Trends Collide ....

The perfect bun ! I even slept in it ;)

 Hi everyone :)
     I hope your weekend was great and i am pretending this is Monday ;) The temps here in Cincy are pure melty and the humidity is in the high 80's! Yuck...
     The Lucinda Williams concert was so much fun and her opening act was Amos Lee, who was also really great as well. The PNC Outdoor Pavillion was an awesome venue. It is completely covered and there was a super huge ceiling fan above our heads! We also had fun people sitting around us :)  Of course my Hubby got me another Lucinda Tee and a limited edition tour poster (which will proudly be displayed in our living room)... We got #11 ot of 200.  I yelled SO loud, I've had laryngitis for over 2 days!
"Eclectia (my Blog Super-Hero name) is in the house!!!"
My outfit is an "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" attire ;)
A mosh of different styles...
 As those who have followed my blog for a while know, I love to try different things, so I thought, why not wear the slip as a dress? 
I've never seen a pleated wide hem with double lace before - 
But, honestly, it was a bit too revealing, thus the extra skirt.
A high bun, over-sized 'trend' tee, vintage half-slip pulled high over a light, thrifted ruffled skirt and my favorite mules. Pearls are cooler and added the "I actually dressed" factor :) - I felt Pretty plus Cool !
The "top" peeking out from the top of the tee, is actually the slip ...
Then IT happened...
I broke my shoe :(   
AND, these came from a retail store !
Oh, well..... Out with the Super Glue !
Pearls need to be in your mouth at some point !
(Secret Message: I miss you, Honey ;)
Can't wait to see you !!!
I'm gonna try to get my scarf/turban tying vlog done tomorrow 
while staying fully air-conditioned...
Here's to staying cool this week :)

Tee:K-mart (sale)
Vintage slip: thrifted - Skirt: Banana Republic,thrifted
Leather Mules: Via Spiaga, TJMaxx (old)
Sunglasses: Kroger Grocery store,$5.00 - Pearls: Vintage/Fakes
Bag: gift from Hubby / Beaded Brooch: ???

I know, I know, but I really liked this outfit ;) Tee,Hee!


Nelly said...

Mate 1st pic 1st glance I thought you was my sister lol had to look at the blog name and mind you sis doesnt have a blog.
You look scrumdiddlyumptious too.I love how yu mix it up.
Desiree loves to wear her underthings outer too imagine you 2
That women rock bag is cute did you make it?
are you on skype?

Anonymous said...

I Love you and miss you too.
See you soon,
Your man

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

The outfit is really cute...the bun is perfect humidity hair (we wear them alot down here)...and I am glad you loved the concert!!

Vix said...

The perfect bun and a fabulous frilly skirt, too! I adore that bag, I'm in lurve with it.
Glad Lucinda rocked! x

Bonnie said...

We've been getting some warm weather in San Diego but nothing too bad...yet! Love your outfit and pearls. Stay cool!

Anonymous said...

Reva--what a wonderful slip. I passed one like it up and when I went back for was long gone. I love the bun and I'm glad your concert was a success. Just played "Blessed" for DH the other night. We found parallels to Dylan's "Jokerman."

Joy said...

So cute!! Love the outfit, the pearls, the sunnies and the bun!! You look cool, even though it's sweltering outside!

ariane said...

Hi Reva - just discovered your blog, love it, i love the way you mix, I am thrift junkie as well- you have another follower as of today

Ariane from Montreal

oomph. said...

this is an outfit i really love...not to mention that cute bun! i recently bought a hair donut (hahahaha). it's so easy to use, i was getting lazy using it everyday!


Anonymous said...

I love your pics, your outfits are always so cute ! But tell me, I'm wondering if you're really a woman ?

RETRO REVA said...

OK, I HAD to publish this last comment! LOL !!!!!!!!
Ask my Hubby or my OBGyn...
Do I really look like a dude???
Hello, cleavage!
I actually do believe I have very masculine features, plus arthritis has made my hands rather stubby and swollen, but come on! REALLY? A DUDE? Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!!!!!!

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