Some people can't see their own lives....
They need a hero.

They live in a kind of darkness.

They think that the only way they can see is by using someone else's light.
-GOD ( Joan of Arcadia )
Hi Everybody !

I've been watching old 'Joan of Arcadia' re-runs and I always take something away from this simple, yet, really deep T.V. show...
(which was cancelled after only 2 seasons...)

I love it when I hear something that I've heard a thousand different ways, then hear it in a different medium and it resonates as if I am hearing some kind of universal truth for the first time! I love that!
Many people would say that it's because you weren't 'ready' to hear it....

I suppose that's a sort of way to express why I started style blogging - to meet cool people, and think about why I have chosen to dress a certain way, and find other's who can relate to my choices and hold a lighted mirror to my face, and in a thoughtful comment, say "you rock", whether they "like" what I'm wearing or not - who are my lights!

 There are so many Lights in my life that have helped me keep on blogging, trying,
and I could never list them all, 
but there is one who comes to mind right away, and that is The Citizen Rosebud, who is such a great friend and mentor to have in my corner.
My Mom #2, My Brother 
and Sister-in-law, and so many more!
All the people who pop by with encouraging thoughts, 
(You know who you are ;)
And for this I say Thank you...
You Rock :)

Check out my blog-roll for more great lights, 
I finally up-dated it ;)
And if I missed someone, please let me know...
Reva :)
 (if there's anyone out there who can show me how to create 'separate pages', Help!!!)

Linen shirt: Banana Republic (Hubby's)
Beads/brooch cotton ribbon necklace: JC Penny's
            Summer boots: thrifted / Summer beret: F21
Black cotton dress over black skirt: Very old
Cheap pink aviator Sunglasses: Dollar General Store


Nelly said...

Hi Reva love those boots.Wish I had a friend like you living near by you always rock your clothes so well.I had a peak on how to do new pages too went over my head tho.If you simplify it let me know please?

sacramento said...

You are light to me, too.

Bonnie said...

I loved Joan of Arcadia. Loving your boots too!

Anonymous said...

Those boots work for you. Light..well, lots of sullenly vacant people out there...

My Heart Blogged said...

I need to go back, and watch that show. I always forget how great it was. I think we all need positive lights in our lives, and for ourselves to be enough as well. I'm going to try telling myself I'm a rockstar sometime, because if an amazing woman like you does it, I know it will work for me. Keep shining your light Reva, and don't let anyone burn you out.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about finding or hearing things in something you've heard or seen before. I was like that with Joanie Mitchell's "Both Sides Now."

Reva--we all love you! {hugs}

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Reva! I just woku up 4:30 am with an anxiety attack. Horrible stuff. Tired and exhausted but trying to keep going. and I see your wonderful face on my FB wall, and come over here and read your wonderful words- oh thank you my dear friend! You really touch me, I feel like we've been pals forever, and to think just a short while and because I saw you rockin' it out on Weardrobe! LOL. You rock, that is all I can say- you are a bright light! xo. Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

The Style Crone said...

The Citizen Rosebud is an encouragement to so many! The boots are stunning.

Anonymous said...

the boots are to die for!
do you still do your blog where you sell your clothes?

fashionoverfifty said...

Reva~I never watched that series either, but I know what you mean about resonating. Sometimes things just hit you.
those boots are really cut on you but I have this thing against wearing boots in the summer--its just that I have to wear them so long in the winter....
And what do you say to someone who dosent have your blog on their blog role? I mean, what if they dont like your blog? ps. is mine on yours?

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