When I'm an Old(er) Woman, I Shall Wear Purple....

Hi all :)
This was an all-air conditioned , matchy-matchy garb ...
When I had this outfit in mind, it seemed cute, but I think I'm heading into "Grandma shouldn't be wearing such high heels, she might break a hip territory", LOL! ( No offense intended, I love Nana's)....
Or how about Peggy Bundy? (Married with Children)
But, in retrospect, big purple hat and shoes might have been better worn with a simple Tee and jeans...
And possibly not together. 
At first, I belted it and popped on my boots, 
but I just wasn't feeling it.
Oh well, Ya win some, Ya lose some ;) ....
At least I'm not sweating like a Yorkie !
And Yes, I am wearing a night-gown ;)
       Reva :)

 Gown/Dress: Covington (Sears)
Scarf: Forever 21
Zipper leggings: 
K-mart (clx)
Platform clogs: JCPenny's
(last year)
Buddha earrings: Pangea
Bangles: Dot's
Pink Bangle: Vintage
Pink Sunnies:


Nelly said...

I am loving your shoes and how cool you look.
tell me are my emails getting thru?

SheWhoAccessorizesWell said...

I do love purple, but it is because I love purple not because I am an old lady. I don't think I could ever do the Red Hat Ladies thing. I'm not judging, it is just not me.
I really like your outfit and hey if you can wear shoes like that more power to you. I'd probably fall off them and break a leg.
I really like your style. It says Reva and no one else. That is just cool.

Sheila said...

I think this is a fab outfit, Reva! The shoes are amazing...although yeah, I find myself being a little leery of really high shoes now. Damned aging!

Lucinda was amazing - god, what a voice!

Patti said...

I like purple too - not *just* because I'm a woman of a certain age : >

You look fab and very comfortable in your skin.

Vix said...

Absolutely gorgeous, Reva! This could be one of your best outfits ever, those shoes are wonderful and the hat is fabulous on you. xxx

Anonymous said...

You can start a Purple Hat Society like the Red Hat ladies! giggle
I actually really like the purple on you.

Anonymous said...

I don't see old lady in this at all! First, I love the leggings and the fresh billowy top and all the lilac accessories. Take courage, my friend, you still have the mojo!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

love your new header, Reva!

Bonnie said...

You look cool and refreshed for a probably hot summer day in IN! I love the hat and shoes AND I'm loving your new header!

Anonymous said...

I have a purple Chanel lipstick that would go prefectly with that.

fashionoverfifty said...

Love the new mast-head, Reva!
Love the lavender and thats no old lady!
I just bought a lavender sun dress-
Terri is right--you still got your mojo!

Lesa said...

Love the shoes, but I am only 49 and I would probably need a hip replacement if I wore them. Sometimes I accidentally do the purple and red thing and then I have to start all over again as my place of work has a big red hat contigency and like you, I am not there yet.

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