What do you Wear?

What do you wear when shooting other photos?
(Besides your blog shots ;)

This is my usual uniform.
Comfort is key, as I have learned
from dangly earrings to clunky necklaces...
1) loose clothing
2) butt covering tights/pants
  (no one wants to see your crack)
3) a shoulder bag for glasses/etc.
4) lots of pockets(I tend to lay things down)
5) comfy shoes (most people wear boots/flats)
   (the stillettos are rough!)
6) hats that won't blow off - like berets
7) lots of hair elastics or headband
8) a sweater for late shoots
9) fingerless gloves if it's cold
10) avoid clunky necklaces
Scratches happen so fast...
(I like to look stylish, but my bling hits the bag)

Plus wear something you don't mind getting dirty ;)
Also, a quick run/reach&grab type movement for windy days comes in handy!
A bigger camera and case helps,too!
(Now you can get functional camera bags that look like a purse)
Dress: Gap,thrifted-Tunic: Old Navy,80%off-Beret: cheapo $5.99-Vintage spy camera: Sturgis antique mall - Sunnies: Kroger-Beads: Gabriel Bros. $4.99 - Scarf:thrifted - shoes/bag ,Gabriel Bros- 
earrings:vintage clip-ons, Leather cuff: Gabriel Bros.$3.99
These tips seem pretty simple, but I have endured each one at one time or another. You don't need to look frumpy to be comfy...
A sequined beret, or small clip-on earrings add style. 
I also avoid long scarves as I tend to get hung up in them. Tri-pod go boom!
The mini  Crystar spy camera is a great ice-breaker :)
As you read this I am off to my Parent's for just a few day. 
I prepared more posts for the week ahead. 
Guess what I'm getting?


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Really fab outfit. The spy camera is a hoot!
I sure hope you will post some kitty photos soon!

QueenDiva said...

You know....i haven't been the best at commenting lately... but I stopped by and I remembered how much your blog used to make me smile... glad to know... not much has changed... you still put a smile on my face... :)

WendyB said...

Love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hope things go well on your visit. Love the mini-camera each time I see it and I agree that comfort is always the key factor. Do you have a name for the new kitty?

Vix said...

I love that spy camera! Can't wait to see the kitty! xxx

Kel Ward Photography said...

First of all, love the camera necklace!! Second of all, I don't look nearly as cute as you when I'm on location, photographing people. I usually wear jeans, rain boots (9 months out of the year, here in Oregon, lol) or comfy flats, and a white shirt (built in reflector).

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