Favorite Day 2: Fabric Mish-Mosh or 'A Lot Goin' On'

I love this top and the faux-leather-yet-leggings leggings....
Yes, I am grammatically challenged.
 (All those years of Buffy, where 'thingy' is a real word)
This outfit all began with my lust for leather jeans... I own them. I tried stretching them with all sorts of crazy ideas, (thanx U-Tube). From wearing them wet, which I don't recommend - to making a fake person stuffed like a scarecrow to stretch them. I even thought I could get by with just not zipping or buttoning them up. Who'd notice? I only wore them once and had the stomach cramps to prove it...
Then I realized I'm not a skinny teen anymore. I needs me elastic, so wa-la, Newport News, you win. Then, not to look like I just stepped off the 'bitch seat' of a Harley (yet), 
I added a long silk blouse (2 bucks!) and a vintage tie. Of course the florals sealed the deal. 
Me likey... Toned down bad-ass...
Forever 21 ($19.80) a new summer staple (wait til ya see the OTHER ones!)
(Disclaimer: I love Harley's.....)


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Me likey too! I love those shoes. I am coveting some floral shoes. I looked at those oxfords on F21, but some of the reviews made them sound stiff and could cause blisters. Also, their shoes seem cut rather narrow and my hoofies are wide!
I love every bit of your outfit.

Anonymous said...

Some women do ties really well.
You are one of them. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

Oh, the tie with this satin blouse is my favorite. I just taught myself to tie a tie this weekend, but it didn't look nearly as nice as yours.

Cute shoes too.

Alex M said...

I love leather and was loath to try a synthetic equivalent... then I did and I wear those pants a lot. And no one seems to know the difference!

oomph. said...

this is my favorite here....from the chartreuse to the tie to the liquid leggings to the floral shoes...LOVE it!


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