Follow Your Floral Guts

Ya know how the 'experts' say 
that if you haven't 
worn something in a year, 
donate it?
That is not true in my little world...
Every 5 to 8 years, trends recycle themselves. The only usual difference is 
a slightly different waist/hem/length. I have clothes that are 15 or more years young.  And I still wear them!
I go by my gut when it comes to style or trends. If I like it, I keep it. There will always be room for a bag or two of extra keepers... Like these floral pants that are stomping down runways all over the place. I've had them since the very late 80's/early 90's. A wide-leg pant can dress up or dress down any outfit ;)
attire: Pants, vintage / Vest, Forever 21(gift) / Shoes, thrifted / Necklace, I forget-Dot's? :)


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

I recently wore something that has been in my closet for over 20 years! I only get rid of it if the fit is poor or I have worn it into the ground! I really like your pants and the necklace!

Anonymous said...

They are an amazing pair of britches...but I don't think I have anything I've saved that long.

The Style Crone said...

My motto is that if I can wear a piece once every 20 years it's a keeper. Now I just need to find it. The peacock feather necklace is gorgeous.

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