Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Random Thoughts and Killer Sunnies...

Hi everyone!
This is a topic you've probably had to deal with before, 
but I am taking a slightly easier, less time-consuming approach...

Ya pull up your blog - and there it is, someone has broken up with you! 
What? I begin the healing process with a quick run-through of what 
I've recently said, worn, or commented on lately...
Now, I've been called 'cheeky' and have a very dry sense of humor - 
kind of a cross between Seinfeld and the lady who wrote 'I hate my neck'. 
I once lost a pal for 'disliking' mom jeans. (I know, right?!)

How much room does one little title take, anyway? If I deleted all the blogs I have kinda lost interest in, my blog list would be a tiny bit smaller. It's as if someone is saying. 'I don't want you anymore' and leaving no reason or positive feedback as to why they went bye bye! Leaving me to forever wonder why...
And of course, they want me to know someone thinks I suck... Hmm....

Sure, it may just be that they are AWOL....
But to be sure, here are 3 cover-all responses to those who abandon someone's hard work without a proper goodbye.
These are based on 3 different sets of thought processes.
Feel free to copy and use any of them you need ;)
1.   Dear fellow human being:
If I have said something offensive, 
Please realize that all my thoughts/comments are not personal. 
"Bitch-seat" is funny. Come on!!!
Sincerely apologetic, Reva

2. Dear leave-me-in-the-dark:
I realize I must not be what you are looking for. 
If you'd like to leave a comment telling me where you went or why - 
Please do. 
I accept positive and honest feedback.
Thanks for popping by, Reva

3. (And as my Hubby always says):
'Joke em' if they can't take a f*'Uck!'
Love & Hugs, Reva :)

mwa, ha,ha!

I did take time out from my favorites week, 
though really, a plain tee and full skirt are my favorites! 
Sometimes an idea hits and I've just gotta go with it ;)
(85 degrees in March!!!)

This post was not directed at any of my loyal and kick-ass followers!
Reva ;)


silvergirl said...

i am soooo digging those sunnies!!!

Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

Those sunnies are fab! I wish I could wear different sunglasses but alas being somewhat blind limits me to prescription lenses and gosh darn they are expensive!
You look great in your pics.
I luv you Reva!

Serene McEntyre said...

You're too funny! LOL I've had so many people quit me (especially on Twitter) and I want to say, "Why? Can't you see I'm FABULOUS and hilariously funny!! You just haven't gotten to know me yet....C'mon, gimme a chance!" But then I shake it off, grow my skin a bit thicker and remind myself that if I'm putting myself out there, some people are absolutely going to say, "Thank you...NO!" The whole follower thing can really get in my head if I let it...but I have enough in my insecurity bucket, it's full Thank You! Hugs to you girly and don't let the unfrienders get you down! ~Serene

Anonymous said...

Hope I'm considered one of your loyals. I know that in the middle of the week I sometimes miss a day or two, but always try to catch up on every post! I teach on Wednesday nights...

I really like the black and white photos in this post and those ARE some kick ass sunnies. Pardon MY French.

sacramento said...

I know how you feel, but people come and go, as life itself; although the good ones always come back.
I already feel the owner of that cat blouse, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am so glad to have you on board, Reva.

Alex M said...

Hey, I'm wearing that same exact shirt today!!!

Jen said...

Yay! I just came by your blog to see if you were back in action, and you are! Woohoo! I'm glad. And now I'm officially a follower, too. Sorry you got "dumped" by someone... their loss! ;o)

Jen said...

Also? Those sunglasses are rad.

Vix said...

They come, they go, they return, they stay silent...who understands the weird world of blogging? I know I've stopped following people that no longer captivate me but I'd hate to think they'd be offended or worried about it unnecessarily.
You rock and always do! xxxx

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