Purple Pacer

Happy Friday!
This year I am trying to embrace a bit more solid color. There's nothing like an over-sized purple tee to blast out my intentions. Though I gotta admit,the long black skirt is my favorite of this outfit ;) As I'm typing this, it's raining, so my cloth floral platforms are out... Boo! I'm off to do the errand thang, so wish me happy driving. I ask because Cincinnatian's NEVER slow down for anything. NEVER!
I'll be the lady in the friggin slow lane getting the finger. That's right you may be faster (NOW), but my insurance premiums are lower ;)
Big Weekend Hugs!!!
Note: I just got home from errand #1 
and had to be detoured a mile out of the way...
Why, you ask?
A friggin wreck!
Never will they learn.


Bespoke Biddie said...

lovely as always



Helga! said...

Wonderful pix,Reva!That skirt is fantasmo,and I'm gagging with envy for those platforms!
Ha,you're the one getting the finger?!Bugger them!!!

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

As a maxi queen, I love your skirt!! I also like the way you styled it, i.e. the two tops etc. Shoes put it all over the top.

Hope the traffic gods spare you the rest of the weekend.

Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

I love the maxis too. I keep seeing them styled with short-sleeved tees this season, a combo I've yet to try. And, hey, I drive in the slow lane too.

sacramento said...

You look lovely in purple, Reva.
Have a wonderful weekend

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