Singing in the Rain...
(Or Dancin' in the Rain :)
A world-wide 5 star post...
ATTIRE: COAT, Dots,clx / DRESS, Sears,clx / BOOTS, thrifted, SCARF: Penny's / Necklace: Penny's.clx. HEADBAND, old t-shirt.
Hi Everybody!
Actually dancin' in the rain was more like it. 
Cache (his new name) was jealous.
My neighbors? - well, they probably were, too-
Though, no one joined in...
The Hubs finally picked a cat name. Here, Kitty,Kitty was kinda lame.
Cache is another word for treasure... (Awh)...
It's tough being an indoor kitty...
Training ivy is MUCH easier than training a kitty-boy!
This was just too easy ;)
Have a great week!


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the new header, Reva! I also love your cute!

Come by and register to win the $100 gift card I am giving away!!

Vix said...

Fab header, gorgeous kitty, great new new, stunning you! xxx


Gorgeous outfit and pics, reva.
have a lovely week

Bella Q said...

You look every bit of much needed sunshine as I remember! Your blog looks SLEEK and AWESOME- great header, great new layout and fabulous rainy day dress! Give Cache a big hug from me! xo. -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud

Anonymous said...

We're still calling our kitty, Kitty, after 12+ years! I love the photo with the umbrella behind your profile. And the necklace--did you make that?

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