Bohemian Earth Tones

Hi everybody !
Thanks for all the great comments yesterday :) You made my day!  

The costume was completely made from recycled plastic bags. I had to staple myself into the dress, but it was worth every minute :) There are so many lovely bloggers that would rock a trash bag, but I couldn't get anyone to do it for me, so I did it myself ;) Lady Ga Green may show up again sometime in the future :) 
 Now on to today's outfit post :)

This idea came from a bunch of different style trends. First, the "dress over a dress", then the "skirt as a dress". I then combined a look from "The Uniform Project" (year one) and added the tied thin poncho scarf. And last, but not least, the earthy tones of this fall . 
I've almost given this heavy cotton skirt away a dozen times, but just can't part with it just yet ;)
It's tribal / indian print is one of my favorite patterns. I suppose I am the Bohemian Hippie Chick. With my usual "twist' ;)  ~ I like the fullness of the skirt/dress. It adds to the hippie vibe ;)  And everything but the poncho/boots are thrifted.  Bless you, Goodwill  :) ~ And Hey, I match my garage .... Wasn't even trying ;) 

earrings: Dot's: $3.oo
boots: Banana Republic /Gap outlet: gift from hubby :)
choker: self-made from "parts"
pendant: World Market
sunnies: Foster Grant, drug store
bangles:JCPenny's, clx.

Bitty-Bitty had to make an appearance ;)
I needed to twirl !
Have a great week :)
* Reva *


Vintage Vixen said...

I love those Indian skirts! Mum used to wear them in the 1970's and they are still being produced in India today, using the same traditional methods.
Love the earthy tones and the cute poncho, too. xxx

JordanMayTwigs said...

I loved your Lady Ga Green post.
Such a great way to use up plastic bags.

I've missed you.
So sorry I havn't been posting.
My laptop crapped out.

But I'm back!!
For now at least.

Looking through your latest outfit posts your outfits are defos on point for sure.

Email me if you'd like.


Abi said...

I love a lady whos not afraid to wear prints and colours right on into Fall! The earthy tone of this outfit is so gorgeous and perfect for right now. Great boots!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

I can't even imagine giving that skirt away. DIGGING the ethnic print and the colors are so versatile. EARTH MAMA you are. PS: I love skirts as dresses, and have noticed that dress over dress is a total recent trend. Hey keeps us warm, lol.

Thank you Reva for all your enthusiasm and support. You are one reason why I love blogging so much! xo. -Bella Q

Lise Marie said...

I did this too! I almost threw this skirt out and then just made it into a dress.

But you actually did it much better! The color palette and the print on the skirt is gorgeous and you look perfect from head to toe!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I have boot envy.

This skirt looks great as a dress, especially with the little cape tied off the shoulder.

And the twirling photo is lovely!

gigiofca said...

Fantastic outfit! Loveth :-)

Matt said...

That is a really cool print!! Super cute and fun outfit! I love the boots too! :)

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