If you like Bohemian style as much as I do, then you're in luck :)  
Because Boho style is considered more of a state of mind rather than 'just a fashion trend that will fade in time'.....
(And with the economic times many of us are facing, boho is a very wallet-friendly dress code ;)

Bohohemians seem to be the people who don't want to live according to the 'norms' of society.
It began as the 'trend' of the nomadic European and Gypsy clothing from the 19th century.
This style is more "crafty" in it's look , combining the ethnic look and romance . 
Bohemian's are what most call the "rule breakers" . 
Plus, Bohemian clothing is affordable and you can have it without spending a lot of money ;) 
DIY lovers seem to be big fans of this style. (AKA- ME :)

Boho is certainly small on cost ..... 
Which means you don't need to shop the mall.
Thrift Stores have everything you'll ever need to wear  ( and be) a true bohemian :)
Today's ensemble is my low-key boho.The fitted jacket gives it a more structured look.
I've found that you don't need an "anti-establishment" attitude to rock this look.
Bohemian clothing has no fixed rules, so the free-flowing expression of your style and flair can be easily incorporated into Boho :) 
Such as pairing a fitted jacket with flowy dresses or skirts ;)  Or layering on those vintage, shiny brooches.
Creativity is the key to being Boho !
Remember to keep You in the mix.......
( It's not just a style, It's an adventure ;) tee, hee :)
My outfit:
  • Skirt: thrifted, India.
  • Skirt as dress: Limited, thrifted
  • Fitted jacket: Saks, thrifted
  • Granny boots: Nine West, thrifted
  • Earrings: World Mkt.
  • Sunnies: Dollar Store
  • Scarf: Targei'
  • Flower clip: really old .


I can't wait to share my
DIY's and a tour of my
one of my favorite shops
in Cincy next week :)

Back to work, now .........

No rest for the DIY obsessed!

( My piles are getting deeper)

My Hubs is ready to call "Hoarders" ..........

( Boho definined:, )


sacramento said...

You look very boho, and very chic.
So glad to have found you!!!!!
Un abrazo.

Marta said...

you are the real boho queen! love this look!

Rhianna said...

That's a great hair-do!!!!!

Diane Costanza said...

Your hair looks fabulous and the whole ensemble is very flattering.

I have always loved boho but am by nature very reserved, so I add "my boho" with accessories more than anything.

I am a devoted shopper of Goodwill. I even have my son looking forward to it.


tinyjunco said...

small, fitted top over flowing skirt - one of my face silhouettes!

i bet it doesn't hurt to sit, either - that's a plus! ; ) steph

Anonymous said...

I love this look! the fitted jacket with the flowy everything else. It's just too good.

Sometimes my students have asked me my highest life value and invariably, I have replied CREATIVITY.

SomeoneLikeYou said...

The warm pinks and oranges in this outfit are so beautiful! And I love your high, messy bun with the little flower. This outfit is bohemian at its best!! :)

Heather Fonseca said...

I just found you via Citizen Rosebud. Great blog! It's nice to see what other 40 + year old women wear. Love your style.


jemina said...

Oooh La La, I LOVE everything here, you are Boho Chic Personified, I'm inspired by your fabulous style lady, and I'm now a follower :)

You go Lady!!!

Happy Weekend

Matt said...

Thanks for all the info on "bohemian". I don't actually have many pieces in that style, but I think I fit some of those criteria anyway! I always think its so cool when people can make their own clothes too! DIY's are a lot of fun!! Super cute outfit too! I really love all the colors too! :)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Reva, I think this is one of my favorite ensembles you've put together so far. LOVE the mix of the neutral and conservative blazer with your richly hued scarf, blouse and skirt. GREAT look, and looks so comfortable and wearable.

And you most def make boho fun!

gina said...

Love the colors and layering on this! So fun!

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