WHY I DON'T WEAR JEANS , MUCH ............

I KNOW !!!
I'm wearing jeans.
I have probably posted myself in jeans no more than 10 times at the max.

There are many reasons.
1. I am shaped like a boy.
(my waist is only 2 inches more than my hips)
2. They aren't comfy.
3. I need low-rise or 
men's jeans to allow for a no-saggy butt. 
(again, no butt or hips:)

And forget high-waisted ones!
I have to wear those at least 3-4 sizes too big to fit my waist. Talk about Sag-@ss !!!

I own too many pair to count. If I told you just how many I have , you'd think I were bonkers ;) I've tried the "stretch" ones, the expensive ones, like Buffalo, the cheapos, like Bitten and Faded Glory. 

My favorites are Levi's 505 (men's), J Crew (they seem to have the least sagginess, even after a few days of wear.......  The more expensive ones seem to hold their shape best , and can be thrifted as well ;)

These are Element brand. Not too relaxing ..... It actually hurts to sit ;)
 Smiling through the pain, Or is it the Tears of a Clown?
This was as high as my leg would go............
And how about these crazy boots? I saw this outfit on another blogger a couple days ago, sporting these boots, and of course, i had a pair ;)
I like the layers with the snowy off-the-hook "so yesterday" boots :)

My vintage velvet purse (early 70's?)  ~  My Betmar wool thrifted hat / handknit scarf  ~  Faux vintage key ~ Banana Boat early 80's sunnies.....
a naughty peek at how low-rise these jeans really are! ( I'd never show this to just anyone ;)
Except a few hundred or so blog-buddies :)  NOTE the second belly-button? Bye, Bye, Miss Utero ;)
Artsy Fartsy's  ;)
Maybe this could be a new header photo? Hmmm............... ;)
Shadow land .....
A pretty funky "happy accident" :)


Joy said...

I think you look great in jeans and I love those boots. I don't think it gets cold enough in GA for them, though. And my waist and hips are only about 2 inches different, too, but not because I'm thin, like you!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

You look great in them, but I can relate. I don't like the way they feel. And levi's is my alma matter, when it comes to dungarees. LOVE Levi's but my belly doesn't love pants.
PS: interview is being posted tomorrow. Hope you likey! xo.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I like the key and the tiny ruffle on the yellow cardigan.

My hips are also surprising small for my age and I shop for jeans in the men's department. They're better made I think.

I can't stand the FEEL of the low rise. I applaud that little peak at your navel. :)

Lady Cardigan said...

Nice looking jeans -- sorry they're so uncomfortable! My niece wears men's pants, and I've been wondering if I should try them since I have so much trouble these days finding jeans that don't bag out after a few hours.

Btw, I love your yellow cardigan! I need one of those.

Marta said...

absolutely amazing cosy and warm outfit! just adore every single piece of this set, especially jewellery and bag!

ps: bacame a new follower - you'
re fabulous!

sacramento said...

Well, I discovered you through the Citizen Rosebud, and love what I see and read, so you are in my blogroll now.
Wonderful finding you!!!!
Un abrazo from Spain.

sacramento said...

I am following you now, yeahhhhhhhhhhh

Vintage Vixen said...

I love you in jeans. I quite like putting on a pair every now and then. It's quite a challenge to make something conventional become sensational and you do it perfectly! xxx
PS I see Sacramento's following you. Check her out, I'm in awe of her style.

Matt said...

I love those boots!! I've been searching for a pair of wedge-heeled boots like that for a while with no luck! Its always frustrating when its hard to fit a certain piece of clothing! Hehe, of course, there's nothing wrong with wearing men's jeans! ;) Oh yeah, super cute outfit!! :)

gina said...

Love it! Jeans are good on you! I love the light colors. Gorgeous jewelry!

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