I love long, flowing skirts. They are easy to mix and match- in any season- especially winter. You can hide long johns to ripped tights underneath! I've almost given this skirt away a million times, but at the last minute, I pull it out of the by-by bag! My husband calls me a hoarder-which I looked up and am currently researching for a blog post in SKIRT.com- I definitely have the signs and symptoms- and not to make light of an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but there are worse things than being a Clothes Hoarder! Is that Denial?!!

This outfit is a navy cotton Gap jacket-reminds me of a gas station attendants jacket--thrifted; A Limited skirt, thrifted; thrifted purple cardi; Targei boots-and clearance scarf and beret. And a pink calvin klein T underneath. Guess whats under the skirt!!!

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