Earrings made from old typewriter keys!

Self-made necklace on satin.

Hand- knitted necklace.

Bracelet made from old rope and bits of old jewelery.

Purse made from recycled plastic bags and all kinds of stuff!

Jacket embellished with old pins, vintage jewelry, and a cool touch-
the hand made price tags left on!

GOING GREEN IS BRINGING THE CREATIVITY OUT IN ALL SORTS OF WAYS! THESE ARE SOME OF MY FAVORITE IMAGES AND IDEAS TO HELP BRING OUT THE GREENATIVITY IN ALL OF US! --Check out the Glamouri's creativity site, or DIY.com for some really cool ideas!- or better yet, look inside your jewelry box, craft box, tackle box, garage, or sewing kit for your own ideas!
I love to wrap wire around stones and make fun necklaces out of them! Go outside and find all kinds of cool stuff to use in your own back yard!

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