This outfit was a take on one I saw a few weeks back and loved the idea, so I put my spin on it. I tied a knot in the side of a maxi-dress,( like we used to tie knots in the sides of our t-shirts in the 80's). The dress is cotton jersey from Target. I put it over a basic white long sleeve T, my faux lined Old Navy vest, and added my new treat, this pashmina scarf I bought at Kroger(I KNOW!) with burnt orange,black and greens. The dress is actually a  very dk. green, and my fav. banana republic boots. I added a thumb ring and some black beaded bracelets. I've been feeling a bit hippie-boho nostalagia lately. I usually have Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana or Chris Cornell in my C.D. player in my car--maybe that's my inspiration. The holidays always make me nostalgic for the good ole days!

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