Me on my road trip.

So nice to be home. I have lots of fun thrifties to post, but road trips, especially long ones, give me time to reflect and ponder the meanings of life. This blog has been making me ask myself, who am I, really? The last trip I took, I met a wonderful old-school photographer, this trip I met a published writer (in a mall while complimenting me on my outfit!). As you will know if u read my blogs, I love music,art,and I see fashion as an extension of art and souls.When I was young all i wanted was to "fit". As i've grown older i think of myself as an old hippie, a bo-ho gal. If u read the history of the bohemian lifestyle, that "tag" certainly should be sewn into the neck of my shirt.I have always been a Gypsie, unsettled, an artist with a full soul. This can lead to troublesome times, but also to glorious moments. I NEED to keep  moving but can get stuck in the mud. Luckily i was given the gift of 4-wheel-drive! My soul weeps, My soul giggles. That is truly a full closet! So, I give you some pics of Mata Hari, the alleged double-agent of WWI. Just look at her beauty, her style. She was truly a legend of Boho! My outfit was thrifted and i couldn't wait to post it. The sky was sooo beautiful that day, The deepest blue i've ever seen. What a trip! Can't wait to show off my goodies. Next post!


Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Great post Reva! I also love the orange and green together, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

wow Suz....!! this is awesome i wouldnt know where to begin doin something like this

Style Artisan said...

Love what you wrote here!!

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