Is it the outfit or the photos that attracts others to a blog, or a post on a community site? I enjoy great photos as much as anyone, but find myself (and others) trying so hard to get a "goldfish" (shiny and attractive) shot that sometimes the creativity of the outfit seems to get lost. I can't tell u how many shots I've taken just to get one where I look good. I really appreciate the ladies who take great photos and are creative with their outfits-isn't that what we all long for? but, my resolution is to not go for the commercial appeal of a look, but the creativity of the look. I so appreciate the gal who may not have the best camera, but has consistently fab. looks. Don't get  me wrong, I love both, as i am really getting into photography, and i looove a great crisp photo and a fab. look! My hats off to the blurry, dark, underexposed fashionistas out there!   *this photo left; looks like i need to pee! * photo right; better shot of my thrifted purse. That was the goal of these photos, to show off my 50 cent find, but tried to look "sexy" when i posted this on weardrobe. What was I thinking?


Style Artisan said...

You are more than welcome to pick my brain, if there is anything rattling around in there! Shoot me an email and let's "talk."


RETRO REVA said...

thanks so much! *REVA*

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