MIND GRAFFITI in a pink dress

I hope these images express how beautiful this graffiti mural was. When I left the house this afternoon, it was the coldest day yet and felt like snow was afoot. As a blogger you generally never leave without a camera and a tri-pod, and my goal was to photograph my brown fishnets over pink leggings with a pink dress I found while cleaning out my closet. It was hidden behind a big pile of sweaters, and I thought I had lost it. So as I was driving to university neighborhood, listening to Chris Cornell Unplugged, wearing my 15 yr. old dress, I suddenly became romantically, thrashingly nostalgic. I felt the rumble in my heart that put the G in grunge. The unsettling but wonderful feeling of being  alive. Really alive. Needing to turn the music so loud it made my windows shake in my mini-station wagon! Remembering how free I felt when I was really poor, and first in love with my husband, living in his one room apartment with my stuff piled around the walls and 2 cats- one in heat! as well as both of us! I treasure this afternoon as it reminds me of the mystery of life and love. The joy that can't be bought in a store. The graffiti in my mind and soul is priceless.         Reva:)


Style Artisan said...

Wow. I don't know which I like more...the pictures or what you wrote! Very cool!

RETRO REVA said...

thanks so much!

mmcgra2 said...

I love what you wrote Reva, I'm glad you were able to feel so good in that moment. I like your idea of wearing two tights on each other! I'll definitely have to try that one time!

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