Grannies Got it Goin' On....

Hi everybody...
It's kind of hard to post about clothes today. 
The chaos that keeps landing on America's doorstep is overwhelming. 
But, I suppose you still have to get dressed. 
So, here's what I wore today for errands, my to do lists, 
and plain old utter confusion...
Life seems to march on here in Cincy, though at a more somber pace today.
So, I believe an overdose of flowers - Granny Chic -  is in order :)
Grannies have always had all the answers, plus great style too!
I suppose it's all that mish-mosh that helps keep them sane...
100% thrifted - except shoes:F21 // hat:retail
I Just LOVE this bag!
Darn, I should have used this for Earth Day... 
Recycling Attire!

Sending Love to Boston...

And a great weekend to you all. 
Reva :)

1 comment:

Missy May said...

Lol to your post title. You look great. Great mix of prints. :)

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