A New Look. A New Store: Rethinking JCPenny

Spring has officially arrived in Cincinnati at a whopping 74 degrees!

    I made a trip to JC Penny to pick up a dress I had ordered (which is awesome ;). Their store has really grown up. Most folks were worried when they decided to stray from their original, outdated design. It has finally paid off in my opinion.
    I saw bright colors, neon, florals as well as all the latest colors - well within a great price point. Dresses I would compare to the smaller higher-end stores (selling for over $75 bucks) were only $35.00 and very well made. I was happily surprised! Their selections definitely cater to the over 40 stylish crowd. Runway looks toned down for the real woman, but not too mellow. Hardly!
    Their junior department was well stocked with larger sizes for a change. Their accessory dept. was also very trendy and competitive. Of course, I had to get a couple hats ;) But don't worry, there's still plenty of Alfred Dunner...
    I had to hit the sale racks and got these satiny floral pants (with pockets) for $11.00.
Also, with my new floral sundress, I found a lace tank dress, a $4.00 satin tunic, earrings and 2 hats. I plan to be shopping there more often during sales of course!
The bag is my own, previously a make-up bag. I like seeing where my keys are for a change.
The key? Put a large wallet/small wrist bag inside to hide your privates...
Sweater:TJMaxx/ Scarf: vintage/ Tanks: old/ Belt,Sunnies:Gabriel Bros.
My jewelry from all over the place.
This pair of suede loafers were bought at Penny's Outlet Store about 15 years ago! 
Full circle!
(always with me!)

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super big hugs!


Sheila said...

You look beautiful, Reva! Good to see you happy.

Irfan Butt said...

Honestly! Such a lovely and perfect look..

Lucys Lounge said...

what a lovely outfit. very summery and happy. i'm off to pennys now. we have a huge one where i live and its so cheap. love lucy

Sacramento Amate said...

Super big hug back, my gorgeous floral Reva.

Frocktasia said...

Gorgeous springtime outfit Reva, I love the zesty citrus coloured cardigan and the print on the trousers are amazing. A perfectly put together ensemble and you look absolutely radiant & wonderful!...xXx

PinkCheetahVintage said...

LOVE the skinny belt! I am having a skinny belt moment... Except I don't actually have any. They are high on the thrift list! Love the floral harem cut pants and pockets make everything more awesome!! Love the rings! I have found some cute and very affordable costume jewelry at Penneys.
Becky :)

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Great pants, Reva!! I also have been pleasantly suprised by JCP...I recently bought five garments there and love them! You styled this look beautifully! Enjoy the sunshine!

Carina Rosenholm said...

Absolutley gorgeous! Love love the pants!

Alex M said...

I've done really well at JCP too. Unfortunately, their current business model is not working well for them and their CEO is out. I don't know what changes are down the road for them. Everything you posted looks fab!

Reva said...

I know!!! I didn't embrace the change at first either, as it seemed the store was too 'empty'. However, now it looks great and the stock is beautiful. Maybe it took too long for the upside to be seen?

Jan Graham-McMillen said...

Oh, Reva ... I bought those pants too! Don't you love them? You wear them much better. You'll see them on me this summer on my blog, I think, but rest assured, I won't hold a candle to your bright flare!

And yes, JCP, in spite of their recent financial problems and leadership shakeup are a lot less dowdy and dull these days. Hope they don't go back to the dull and mumsy.

Hippy at Heart said...

gosh I love your pants and your smile is just incredibly powerful!!

Underemployed said...

Tres cute, I never met a cardigan I didn't like. And your mom was a BETTY!

Melanie said...

Your mum is so pretty!

Bella Q said...

You are blooming madly. I love your floral pants- and your big beautiful smile!

Penny-Rose said...

Oh wow, those pants are fabulous and the colours of the accessories just work so well. I am in love with the loafers. You have a great sense of style and what suits you and some amazing jewellery. I'm friends via facebook and I have a page but its linked to the real me, so if you friend me back you may get some of my other babblings as well as my Penny-Rose things!!

Signe Savant said...

Those pants are amazing! I'm jealous it is so warm by you! I'm in Chicago and (while I have not yet gone outside today), it's been freezing and rainy all week! I came across your blog and am your newest follower. I would love if you’d visit me at : the daily savant : and (if you like) follow with GFC and Blog Lovin'!

: signe

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