To The Dump? Never!

Hi everybody!
Today is The Big Day, Earth Day.
Each year since I started blogging, I have dedicated Rags2Roses to Earth Day.
Of course, this year my theme is to recycle. Especially our clothes! 
Shopping second hand first is a great place to start...
 From thrifted T shirts to vintage hats, sunnies and brooches - Not only buying second hand, but donating to eliminate excessive 'junk' we don't really need, is a way to be eco-friendly. Our earth is really taking a beating and if we don't do our part to save her, she will perish. 
Click on my sidebar and take the Shop Second Hand First Pledge!
 Vintage Brooches: All Thrifted
DIY Sharpie Tee
Vintage Banana Boat wayfarers: Thrifted

Earth Day through the years:
 Vintage Tee from 1990 

DIY Sharpie Tee
Thrifted quilt block bag: Goodwill
 For my Followers who are not Google + members, I recently (accidentally) changed my comment box to a new Google+ box. At the time, I did not realize that only Google+ members could leave comments. I am so sorry. 

Unfortunately, this is something that - (so far it seems)- cannot be undone. 
The comments you guys leave mean so much to me 
and I hope you won't give up yet :)
This really turned my blog world upside-down this past weekend!
Good news! There are other ways to comment! First, if you join Google+, you can just join to leave comments (kinda like Disqus).  I am actually beginning to enjoy Google+ as I have found so many cool groups to join. My favorite is the 'Art of Self Portraiture'. A blogger's dream and the members are so cool!

Or you can just pop over to my Facebook page and comment there!
It is at the top right of the page or I will leave it here for you as well.
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Thanks for your support!
You all mean the world to me and without comments, I will be really lonely...
(Again, my apologies for any inconvenience.)
(I will be creating a Rags 2 Roses only Facebook page soon!)
Here's to a great week and learning how to accept change...
Grrr.... ;)


Anonymous said...

What if the recycling truck came by while you were sitting in the recycling bin by the curb?

Jerry E Beuterbaugh said...

I had no idea that recycling could be so fun--not to mention so fashionable!

Kelly Roy said...

I love yor crazy style and eco friendly stance of yours. After the Bangladesh accident I'm determined to go full thrifting and sewing. did I mention a yet great outfit ?

Ask Erena said...

Love how much fun your post is! Great colors! Happy Earth day to you too:-)
Welcome to my blog. Hope we can follow each other.
Ask Erena

judith said...

Genial look!!

Fabrizia said...

This is such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot!
Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
Win your favorite pair of sunglasses!!

Tonia said...

This is cool!


super cute leggings :)

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