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Hi everybody! 
What a weekend :)
So many things went on, from wearing my 'preggers' dress in a more successful way, to some action packed roller derby. It rocks, by the way! I finished off the weekend packing up all my stuff to get ready to leave and help my Parents this week.
First the dress:
I bought several different knit styles to wear during my weight fluctuation, as in upwards. I looked pregnant, and no, noone asked since I look a tad too old to be preggers. But, I did get a few double takes for sure.  I tried the belting method, which only emphasized my belly and boobs. I tried just adding the 'magic' scarf. Nope. They went into the back of the pile-o-clothes. As many top-heavy women who don't have a defined waist, I am finally learning that sometimes what would seem to work just doesn't. All the pro's would choose this style, or a belted waist when I entered in my body profile. I learned that if I don't want to look, uh...with child, I avoid the empire look until I'm having a flat belly day. This was the day. A tad Halloweeny, but hey, it finally got to peek out of the closet!

Added an ear clip that I nabbed for a buck from JCPenney.

The new kitty relationship, no words necessary...
Yes, it's true love.

The Roller Derby!
My Favorite 'Jammer' K Lethal with the hubs. Isn't she so pretty and strong! There was an eclectic crowd of fun people and I liked that. Plus, to see powerful women having a blast and kicking some butt on roller skates and lipstick mixed with fishnet - well, what's not to like? 
Fashion action!
The Black Sheep is jamming. More to be revealed at a later date about the Roller Derby ;)
I still have tons of shots and a special feature surprise lined up for you guys very soon! 

All in all, a fab weekend...
(I had to post this photo. my new fave.)
(image: Advanced Style, Ari Seth Cohen)

And last but not least, This short video. I saved it for last because it is so worth the look~
I Am a Full Woman from Linda Wolf on Vimeo.

Super Huge Hugs to all. Stay safe. Stay loved.
See you soon <3


Alexis Grace of North On Harper said...

The dress looks great on you--- no preggo suggestion whatsoever!

Meanwhile the Roller Derby looks like a blast. It really does seem like such an empowering activity!

Carina Rosenholm said...

A great look ! And you look like a movĂ­e star with the hat ! Glam diva !
Roller Derby looks like a lots of fun . Love the cats.. Used to have such a red one.. Miss him.

Vix said...

Love your kitty action shots and the roller derby and that dress is gorgeous on you. It's styled to rock star perfection, who'd know if was a maternity smock! xxx

Ulla-Marie Nilsson said...

Red Lady and red cats - great!

Alex M said...

You definitely don't look preggers in that dress. And I love your kitties -- I LOVE orange kitties. Our Roller Derby here is sponsored by a baking company so people in the arena throw bread.

thorne garnet said...

kitty smack down! Love the last photo, the fluffy one is like "what? nothing to see here"

Great outfit! That's the problem with an empire cut dress, you either look fab (because it's not form fitted) or you looks preggers. It's a tricky style, no matter what the experts says

Bella Q said...

Jammer K Lethal looks hawt, and awesome. And you are never Halloween- love the oj knit dress on you- so boho, chicita. Glad you had a good weekend. Wishing you a GREAT week!

josep-maria badia said...

Reva, I love your dress. I like the design and I love the color. You look great with it. With the hat, the outfit is perfect. I love your photo in which we want happy week.

Underemployed said...

1) You look great;
2) SO lucky to have kitty love. Mine fight;
3) OMG, the pink boots! and
4) How'd you get a picture of my mom?

Anonymous said...

I love that dress on you!! Very cute!!!

KITTY CUTENESS!!!! How adorable are they!!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

So much good stuff in this post!!!!
becky :)

Connie said...

You green eyed boho girl. You look so pretty. Loose clothes are the best clothes as far as I'm concerned. A girl needs to breath!

pastcaring said...

You don't look pregnant at all in that dress, it's fabulous, especially paired with the boots and hat.
Oh look at those kitties... I do love ginger cats. They will sort themselves out soon - I love the final shot of the uneasy truce, sitting back to back!
The Roller Derby looks like fun. xxxx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I wore that style of dress when I was pregnant! LOL! Then I cut off the top to make it into a skirt because I was plain sick of wearing it. It looks rad on you and you don't look preggo in the least bit!!

oomph. said...

great boots, reva!

i LOVE roller derby. always wanted to play, but i don't think i'm as bad ass as they are! thanks for sharing!

Krista Gassib said...

Love you in bright orange, you match your kittie!!!!! Roller derby girls are the hots baddest bad asses anywhere. That old lady smoking a cigar is also pretty cool!How fun!

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, that video is amazing. Thank you for sharing. It was very compelling. I love the orange dress and your hat and glasses and boots make this a fabulous look. I have never been to a roller derby but it looks like lots of fun.

Penny-Rose said...

Wow, that video is amazing. Thank you for sharing. It was very compelling. I love the orange dress and your hat and glasses and boots make this a fabulous look. I have never been to a roller derby but it looks like lots of fun.

Bella Q said...

Hello lovely Reva- thankyou for being a star and shining at Shoe Shine. Hugs to you, Reeves!

Melanie said...

I don't see Halloweeny here at all - I just see fabulous! I love how you put the cross pendant and black to punk it up, especially the heavier boot with this floaty dress. This is great and I hope you wear it again. Love the cats and roller dames. Yeah.

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