Photos or Content ?

I haven't done a "Fashion and Philosophy" post in a long while, 
I saw this as a perfect opportunity ;) 
*(Remember these are my thoughts only)*
I just paroozed the IFB weekly roundup of Links a La Mode, and of course the first one I clicked on was yet another "What's wrong with Blogs" ... Or better yet the writers/creators of them.
The"Question my approach, Should I feel bad about myself" links 
that seems to dominate most groups these days...
I honestly don't even know who or what site it came from (I swear!),
but just for a moment can't we just see it for what it is, and stop dissecting fashion blogs? They aren't about brain surgery, 
but fashion, personal style (and pretty,inspiring  pictures).
Style and Fashion blogging!
It's really just a simple forum to talk and display what it is that attracts us all to fashion...
Sure, great, original content is a bonus, but also the cool outfits and ideas are probably what keeps most people coming back to our little old blogs in the first place... Yes, most folks of this generation,(as in me), have the attention span of a gnat on crack, but that's OK. 
It still is what it is.  
 *Inspiration* -
Pretty pictures, learning something new, fun DIY's, new friends,and showing off how clever we can be on occasion. 
I don't think I need a dissertation on the mechanics of brain surgery or a course in existential thought (at least not on a style blog). I'm sure there are lots of blogs for that.  Don't get me wrong, there are great style bloggers with terrific content, I admire that!

I suppose I just hope that we continue to remember that Fashion Blogging isn't brain surgery, but a forum to just be ourselves (which does sometimes include a bit of philosophy), inspire, and appreciate each other whether through text or cool images ...
I believe there's room for both...

outfit post to resume tomorrow ;)
cable movie of the week recommendation:


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have dropped out of FBFF because of this navel gazing. Occasionally, I will check IFB's links of the week, but have stopped submitting any of my posts as possibilities.

I love ALL of the photos of you and your fella, and the relaxed look on your beautiful face.

oomph. said...

a while ago i can across a post regarding the same things...called something like, "why i hate your blog". i was turned off, so i read on (haha). while the ten reasons were pretty justifiable and reasonable, i didn't think it needed to be SAID. people can do whatever they want on their personal space, and you as the reader can choose to read/follow or not. what was a bigger turn off was reading the comments...belonging to some who i even follow.

so, totally agree...

sacramento said...

Loving your really arty photos and your point.

Nelly said...

I adore those ics with you and hubby.
My motto... Do what you wanta do be what you wanta be ...yere Now that would make a great song wouldnt it ? lol

Vix said...

Gorgeous pix and great points!
I blog for fun. I can't be doing with all these tips and rules and regulations, some people need to lighten up! x

madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I joined IFB a while ago and have rarely followed any of it since... initially I was intrigued by all the meta "how to be a better blogger" stuff on there, but eventually (like after one or two logins) I just stopped being interested.

I am not blogging to make money. I am not blogging to get free stuff. I am not really blogging to "network" myself or to make friends... but happily those are nice benefits. I read blogs as a way to feel part of a community, and as you say, I blog in order to have a forum to "be myself." Whether it is photos or text, it is just nice to shed some of my feathers and preen a bit in the company of other curious birds.

Also - Zombie Strippers! What a classic. Stew and I watched that on NetFlix Instant Play a while ago and were like, wow this is like porn with out the sex!

Jenn said...

I stopped participating in FBFF because it was exhausting thinking that much about my blog and it's process. It's fun to read others' answers still but I agree, unless you're looking to make it your business, fashion blogging is supposed to be fun!

Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

Kasmira said...

Love the pics of you and Rod. You look so content!

I saw Zombie Strippers! Of course, I love ANYTHING with zombies. I think my fave zombie movie ever is The Signal. It's on netflix. It's funny and sweet and sad and scary and romantic.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love the photos. They are really sweet.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting points. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, who said that, Letitia Baldridge? I cannot imagine lecturing someone piously about blog content. ~Mary

fashionoverfifty said...

Sometimes people just get too critical. And too trivial. Girls just wanna have fun, right??

GREAT pics, Reva--and your honey and you look like soul mates.

I dont mind IFb for facts and news... said...

such lovely images! especially the b&w. zombie strippers! whats it about?!

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