Pose Like A Pro

Happy Monday everyone!!!
This post is brought to you by 1. My deep-set need for the perfect photo, 2. The idea that you don't have to stand to show off your outfit (usually ;) and 3. I was too lazy this weekend to wear anything too creative other than tees and tightie whities! So, I spent much of my Sunday paroozing U-tube for some tips to use, when I ran across this, (and other than the biker chick poses and the waterfall scenes), there are some neat ideas here... I can't wait to try a few out! I also have some more saved up for ya, but that's for later ;)


Linda said...

cute!!! Hope to see you in some of those poses soon :-)

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Thanks for the ideas! I like the sleeping-in-bed pose, that should be natural : > There are some very do-able poses in there.

Anonymous said...

Hey, every entry can't be personal reservoir of creativity inspired.

Serene said...

Reva, you are the QUEEN of the sitting pose and I LOVE it! Amazingly, it never takes away from your outfit details! Big hug! ~Serene

Nelly said...

I wish I could watch the video as you know and I know I need as much posing help as possible lol
Like your new header too. xx

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