Neutrals and Perceived Flaws

Hi, everyone,
One of the things I am finally beginning to learn since blogging is the harder you try to hide a self perceived  'flaw' the more apparent it is.

Why I thrifted this 'dress/skirt'? 
1). Because it was 1/2 price day and was in the skirt section, 
thus it was only two bucks. (Yipee!)
2). I always snag up neutrals to pair with other stuff.
3). It was really full and I like that.

I was a bit apprehensive about the large top gathers, and the attention they might bring to my self-imposed flaws at the 'waist/top'?, 
but I thought I could hide it anyway. My 'flaws' include my rather jumbly boobs and waist size... But, turns out, the wide gathered band 
seemed to actually distract from the said area(s)... 
In this case, my boobs! I look like I have itty-bitty tittys!
(self love and body acceptance still in progress)

What'ya think? A cup,maybe?

Another realization I've made is:
I like square-toed shoes! There, I said it....
green suede: Nine West
And high buns, which if you've been here for awhile already know,
(For my new-found friends - HI!)
No, you don't see the fake DG on the side of the sunnies... 
It's an illusion........
Ohhh! And LunaPics ! SO obsessed...
I feel like I'm always introducing myself,lately, LOL, what's that all about?
See how small the appear ?
(And I am wearing a bra)
Yes, crazy is part of the package...

We went hiking for the first time in forever yesterday !!!  It was so great to be back in the woods, with only minor scrapes and injuries!
Geocaching rocks, plus I found a great new walking stick. If you're ever in Cincy and see a couple stumbling around Mt.Airy Forest, both holding trackers, sweating a lot and possibly arguing, it's just us.
A big thanks to everyone for all your support lately.
It's so cool to have people relate...
outfit: all thrifted (Goodwill)
except jacket (Sears,old),
long pendant(World MKT) and fake,cheap sunnies ;)


Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the jacket and the necklaces and I really wish my hair would do that!! Seriously!!

Anonymous said...

What a great little skirt & I LOVE how your sporting it as a dress. It looks fantastic with that blazer.

Patti said...

Love the neutrals on you. And you styled the heck out of that skirt, in the best ways. : )

Patti @ notdeadyet style

Vix said...

You are one of those rare women who look good in neutrals and you've styled that skirt to perfection. Flaws, what flaws?
I rather like square toed shoes, too, but loathe, mean pointy ones with a passion.

oomph. said...

where da boobies go?! lol. i've been resorting to neutrals lately, too. yay for the hiking! i love to hike...just wish i could find more time to do it.

Sylvia said...

You are right. I have not a clue about your so called "flaws"! you look fabulous in this outfit.

Anne @ The Frump Factor said...

So cute! Love the necklaces and the jacket, too -- perfect combo with the dress. And oh, my.... do I love those shoes.

Lise Marie said...

I may have just become a fan of square toeed shoes! And you made a great outfit of neutrals that are anything but boring. I need your necklace!!! lol

SheWhoAccessorizesWell said...

I am inclined to think that the flaws we see in ourselves are rarely noticed by othere. you look really cute in this outfit. I love how you always put together a look that is so 'you'.

fashionoverfifty said...

You DO look like your boobs are teeny! I need that trick...
Square toes? er...maybe.
LOVE the hair!

Style Sud-Est said...

Hi Reva, how are you! Reva you are so cute in that dress! I love it!

your friend Ariane xxxx

Anonymous said...

I think everyone's self-love is still a work in progress. You look great in these clothes.

Anonymous said...

the jewelry really looks great with this skirt as dress, and amazing about the breasts! I love to geo-cache. Wouldn't it be great to have accessories caches?

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