Plain White Tees / Shopping in the Women's Section

 Hi everybody!
Hope your week is going great!
The past couple days have been spent running to doctor's appts., lots of sofa bonding, 
plus stupid errands, like the grocery. I hate going to the market. Hate. 

Now that the Temps have reached the upper 80's this week, I have seen more tank tops in the past two days than in all of last summer! I do not like to be hOT. Ever. Even though I love my scarves and hats sooo very much, even I have to limit them for a couple months a year (usually;). 
I do still want to try to look a bit fresh this time of year, yet with covered upper arms or a light summer scarf. It's a thing...
So, instead of the usual summer tee, I visited the women's section at a store that shall not be named (the only store for miles in rural areas - where I was recently). I found a great tee to wear as a short dress thingy! I LOVE to wear oversized tops as dresses or tunics during the summer, and during the winter with tights and layers. I love the fullness of women's tops! I always head for the women's section at thrift shops. I've snagged many great pieces where other women may forget to look. I wonder if some people think that a number sewn onto the neck of their clothes really define their size?  Size labels never matter to those who are stylish, just the look they are going for.
PS - In the summer, I sometimes have to put a short skirt underneath - no freebies ;)

 Also, when wearing a plain white tee, it's always 
advantageous to wear your newest favorite summer shoes ;)
Tunic, $5.oo // Shoes, Dot's 30%off // Peter Grimm hat Scarf,Skirt,Rosary, thrifted // Vintage bracelet, Goodwill

Is it really such a big, bad world???
bonus points for matching undies ;)
 The shoes, Dot's....

My most favorite thrifted summer scarf (this year;)

Oh,Yeah, and...
I LOVE cowboy hats! (It's a thing).
We are all basically plain white t's...  
How are you gonna paint yourself today?
I choose to paint myself bubblegum happy...
Hugs and Peace,


Olga Rani said...

So joyous post! Beautiful look and indeed this over-sized t-shirt looks like a dress. Sure you will not be hot in such outfit :). Love you sandals, very pretty.

Sacramento Amate said...

Gorgeous shoes, Reva.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Oh what a great outfit ! Totally can see my self in that on a hot summer day ! And the shoes are so great !!

Bohemian vanity said...

LOVE the Plain White T's!!!
Pretty outfit Reva, your shoes are totally adorable!!!
xxxx Tani

seƱora Allnut said...

your lovely flowing t-shirt and fabulous pink shoes make a great combo!, you're pretty summery and gorgeous!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love this, Reva! I really like the top, scarf, and shoes!! The bracelet is cool as well...I have been looking for some similar tops while thrifting...they are going fast! have a great look amazing as always!

pastcaring said...

What a really cool look, Reva, love the t-shirt/dress and those fabulous shoes. You always look amazing! xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes! I've shopped for nightgowns in the women's sizes! The bigger the better!

And, after I was done having children, I wore my maternity smocks for ages afterwards. I understand!

Paula Ruta said...

LOVE THE SHOES! Wish I could wear those heels tho--even though they look comfy.

Love this look on you--so CUTE! xoxo

Anonymous said...

LOVE this look!! Those shoes are da bomb!!

I totally need a white over-size T now. Altho i shop in hte women's dept all the time anyhow so i'll just have to maybe snap one in the big guy dept!

You inspired this outfit for me last week:

Underemployed said...

That is some VERY good advice, which I intend to start taking immediately.

Those shoes are awesome.

Alyssa W. said...

So much fun!!!!!


Bella Q said...

foxy! plain and simple. you are a cold stone fox.

Lynn Dylan said...

Reva, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those shoes! You look fabulous!


CityScape Skybaby said...

I've been lurking for a while but had to say how great you look in this outfit and I love your joyful spirit. I love the little notes here too. xx

Connie said...

There is nothing plain about you, Reva. I love oversized things, too. One of my favorite tops is a maternity top. No kidding! I get tons of compliments when I wear it without all the annoying child birth stuff pending. Just roomy airiness. I'm now going to shop the women's section. Good advice.

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