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 Hi Everybody!
I'm watching "Healing in the Heartland" right now. It is such a wonder to see how incredibly generous people can be when a tragedy happens. Tears, anger, fear and acceptance are all such powerful human emotions. They seem to bring out the best (and sometimes) the worst in us. It seems that while I've been cruising through my forties, there has been a huge helping of tragedy served up in my little bubble of a world. Watching my Parent's go through the latter stages of life has been the most powerful experience. I'd like to tell you all that it is a wondrous journey and a path to inner self awareness. The honest truth is, it is hard. There are days when I get homesick (still!) and there was a time not long ago, that I could go get a week's worth of hugs and sympathy any time I needed it. Those days seem to be gone for the most part, and it is rather scary. It is time for me to stand on my own. Another frightening prospect. You see, I am the baby. I didn't have kids. I've only had a few plants and cats.
There is no instruction book for these times. It's all random. Fly by the seat of your pants random.
 A little later than most, I am finding my footing slowly. A depression here, a belly-laugh there. Life goes on. It truly does. I am finally figuring this one out and my latest mantra is: NOTHING IS PERMANENT. It's true! 
This concept and truth are allowing me to continue to get up, get dressed and look another day square in the eye and say, 
"Let's Do This."
Skirt: Tommy Hilfiger, new,tags: thrifted,
Denim jacket,Vest(Tommy Bahama): thrifted // Sandals, Old Navy,old // Hat:? Dot's?
My parents are currently doing well. My Mom and I are going to the Senior Prom next month!
She is so excited!
Reva :)


PinkCheetahVintage said...

I'm loving your sandals! It is very hard when your parents get older, especially if they are having health issues and need lots of care. But, it will give you the chance to be the amazing daughter they need now.

josep-maria badia said...

Beautiful skirt, beautiful look.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing as always!! I love your outfit!!
The Hope for the Heartland show was fantastic. Miranda had me in tears and Vince gill's song was AMAZING!!

Bella Q said...

You are such an incredible spirit Reva- thank you for sharing your vulnerable parts. I adore you - from the second I spied you at Wardrobe Remix or whatever it was called, remember?? And to see you bloom madly, so courageous so forthright and so fucking original. How lucky I am to have your star spinning in my orbit. I want to hug you, Reva. Always your friend, Bella Q

Rod said...

Baby, you'll never have to stand alone! I've got a lifetime's worth of hugs and sympathy any time you need it. You've got me - And you're stuck with me... Forever. Baw-Haw-Haw-Haw-Baw-Haw-Haw!
I love You My Dear Susie
Forever X Infinity

Underemployed said...

That is a good mantra. I want to hear more about the Senior Prom.

Penny-Rose said...

You are a very wise woman Reva. I really like the outfit you are wearing, the colour of the vest links in with the skirt, and the denim jacket really works well too. My parents are aging now too, so as well as being a daughter I sometimes have to be a like a parent, its funny how the roles are reversed.

Vix said...

Too true, great mantra to live by.

The moment I truly grew up was after losing both parents within a year (Mum died, Dad stricken down by dementia). No longer having people in your life who knew you as a child is a very sobering experience but, you know what? I'm stronger for it.

On a lighter note that skirt is gorgeous! xxx

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about watching our parents change and age, and then realizing that it is happening to us as well. I must say though that you are doing a fab job of sharing your joy with the world.

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