The Pink Sidewalk Bop

Hi everybody!
Sometimes I just need to let my little girly-girl out to play. 
To dance the Dance of Mirth, the Spring Fling, the Bop!
To have a down-right Sidewalk Hootenanny...
And wear pink with lots of crazed baubles.
I really do dig pink!

It started snowing during this shoot... Again....
The Hubs said all my poses are starting to look alike, 
so be forewarned, I am trying on a few different ones. 
Although, we all have a 'best side'...Right?

She Bobs!
sweater: Sears,clx./Vintage sun-dress,tiny bag,hat:thrifted
shoes: F21 from Gabriel Bros. $7.99/pleather leggings:Newport News $5.00/sunnies:ASOS
arm candy, first3: DIYed/blingy one:Gabriel Bros,$3.99
hat candy:Vintage brooches
Yes, I really know what that means ;)
What is your go-to pastel?
Have a Skippity Do-Da Day!
Reva :)


PinkCheetahVintage said...

I love Cyndi!!! Great ACDC hat. I love trying different poses-- I always end up looking a bit weird no matter what, so I figure, might as well mix it up!
I think my go-to pastel would probably be baby blue.
Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I love so many elements in this post. That hat! The big bracelet! You!
My go to pastel color has always been mint green, my entire life. With slight variations toward sage. Now you've made me thirsty for it!

Lisa said...

Reva, your outfit is fun...but my favorite thing is your AC/DC head band.......Oh I love it.

Lisa said...

Oops...Reva...I meant to say AC/DC hat!

Krista Gassib said...

An ACDC beanie and a pink sweater, I love you! This outfit screams I'm a gal who likes to have fun or stay away from me I'll kick your ass and look cute doing it. You are singing my song in this post.

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

So cute, Reva!! You do look ready to dance!

Sacramento Amate said...

Hello again, my pink diva.

Lucys Lounge said...

i love this outfit . the ac/dc hat is great. lucyx

Penny-Rose said...

Pink with baubles is great - straight away I thought of Cyndi Lauper. The big pink bracelet is awesome and it seems to catch the colours from the sweater so ewell. I wear pink now, but I never wore it when I was younger. I seem to feel more comfortable with the girl-girly in me now I am older. The black leggings and the ACDC hat make this outfit a mix of sweet girl and tough girl. love it!

Underemployed said...

The sunnies are fierce!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You made the bling bracelet? It's gorgeous!!! I love the soft pink turtleneck mixed with the AC/DC beanie and sunnies - cute-but-don't-mess-with:). I've accidentally found myself wearing more pastels and I have no idea how it happened! It just kind of snuck up on me - but I love them! xoxo

Luna Tiger said...

I love this great look !!! I'm mad about your sunnies and this amazing giant rhinestone bracelet !
Have a beautiful sunday !

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