Making a Move

So, what's the hub-bub, Bub?
Well, If you haven't already heard, Google reader is going bye-bye. Which, in my humble opinion will be the death of Google. There are much faster browsers, but Reader was my go-to place to catch up on my favorite blogs. There is a link supported by where you can sign a petition to ask Google to KEEP READER! Who knows? It might just work. Here is the link:

However, If that doesn't work, then no worries...
Go to Reader and take your followers to another place. I am going to be using Bloglovin'. It is so easy to transfer your blog list. Go here:
You can download your blog list and send it here:

Somehow, either Google or Bloglovin' had a quick and easy "move list" that was practically done for me. All I did was push a button or two. Now that I've already transferred my list, I cannot remember how it all happened. But it did - and it was easy-peasy.... Ooops....

   (snow in hair/shirt:Dot's)
On another topic....
(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)
Is kicking some ass!!! 
The North Face is in a pot of hot shit water for the cruel way they have been extracting down from geese. They actually shove a metal pipe deep down into the geese's stomachs and force feed them up to 10 times their stomach mass. This is agonizing. THEN, their feather's are ripped off them, ALIVE... Rod and I flooded North Face's site with e-mails last night. They did a Macy's trick and tried to block any more people from contacting them, by asking for a CREDIT CARD NUMBER (illegal!!!) before you could comment to them. 
The way around that was through their "customer support" area, where you can send as many compliments complaints as you want. It was awesome and at least for a couple minutes I felt empowered. Although, the poor underpaid employees will probably be the ones to deal with it. Oh well.... If you go to the site and watch the video "This is research" you will see how important the work of PETA really is. Though I warn you, you might cry the rest of the day....
The video here:

Love a Cat? 
Speak out to the University of Madison-Wisconsin here:

" While other come in bodies different from our own, we're all the same inside. Who are they, and who am I, that I should live and they should die?"

Here is a link to PETA"s guide to everyday activism. It can be very easy :)

OK, that's the homework for the weekend.
I'm off!

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Penny-Rose said...

Its not often I have to read a post twice - but yours was so good and so powerful I just had to. I confess, I am not up for watching the videos right now, but I am 100% against animal testing. Good for you for using the customer support number. I am so naive, I don't even know who North Face is, or the very photogenic Dave Navarro. Off to use some Google. Thanks for the tip about reader, I just use my blog as my home pages as quite a few blogs I follow don't show up anyway :-( I love the shirt - the colour is amazing and the graphic print is gorgeous. Have a great weekend !

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I don't know how I feel about Google reader going down. There were some terrible glitches with mine. It wouldn't let me unsubscribe to blogs (I saw other peoples complaints about it too.) So now I have to skip over about hundreds of blogs that I'm no longer interested in or blogs that haven't been active for years just to get to the 20 or so that I do read. That's why I switched to Bloglovin' months ago.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

that shirt is beyond awesome by the way.

Carina Rosenholm said...

I use booth Bloglovin and Google , at least your can unike' at Bloglovin.
Absolutley adore your shirt!
Hate every cruelty against animals!

Reva said...

I didn't know there was a problem with un-liking on Google? I just go to my blog list and deleted them from there. I learn something everyday!!!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

I haven't really used Bloglovin'... I don't want to think about it.
Have you seen the Arm the Animals tees??? So cute!
Love your shirt!
Becky :)

Melanie said...

You are a champion. Yay! I didn't know about this specific cruelty. Unbelievable!!
On another note, you are radiant here as a crusader for our best animals friends, human included. Have a great weekend.

Chronicles of lady k said...

Love this outfit to kick around in! What fun!

Alex M said...

I've refused to by any North Face products since they tried to sue a college student who had a product called "The South Face" for people who sat on their asses all day!

Love your shirt. My BF's daughter (my favorite young lady) bought a little black dress with skulls on the bodice to wear to an adult function but her mother told her it wasn't grown up enough. I plan to furnish proof via your blog that grown women wear skulls too!

Lara Takahashi said...

I love that shirt!!
I'm with you about animal testing. EU has forbidden selling cosmetics that are tested on animals, even partly, but I still prefer to buy brands that don't support animal testing elsewhere in the world.

Anne M Bray said...

Oh boy, did the Google Reader news make me very, um, disturbed I think is the right adjective.
What I'm discovering, right now reading this through BlogLovin, is that I can directly comment while in BlogLovin. That's kinda cool. (I wonder what happens with Disqus installed, as I do over on SpyGirl). My pal Heather said BlogLovin is lame on the iPad, that it's iPhone scale only. Maybe they'll make an improvement, now that everyone's migrating over here.
The next geeky question/thing to worry about is: what will happen to Google Feedburner?

I will try your transfer link later today. Hopefully it'll work for the ten million blogs I have stored on Reader!

I had to skip over the animal testing part, sorry to say. Too squeamish.

Bella Q said...

I stopped buying any form of down products when I found out HOW down is extracted. No down product is humane. That bums me out- but I'll stay warm and sleep better knowing I am not encouraging the cruelty to animals.

On a whole other note: How impossibly adorable can you look in this outfit. I want to pinch your adorable cheeks on this one, Reeves. Cute as a (cruelty free) bug.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I've had problems with Google reader as well when attempting to un-follow blogs so perhaps Bloglovin' will work better. Thanks for the links, and for the PETA info - great post!

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