Long and Bright

 skirt/jacket: Sears,clx. - scarf: Kroger - boots: thrifted - hat: Newport News
Hi all!
Learning to dress my body is getting easier. 
When I first got a bit larger, I wore black and over-sized ONLY...
Now, I am realizing it's all about where you put the color. The black top or jacket is a great boob/tummy color, while I let the long bright skirt give me length.
Maxi's are great for winter as well as summer. 
(You can hide a bunch of tights-sox-long john combos under there.)
Oddly hemmed sweaters and high-low tee are also becoming my friends.
Scarves have always been a staple, and now they have a function as well. I've read that scarves are a 'no-no' for bigger chest, but for me, they are kick-ass!
Well, that's my two cents on the way I'm re-learning how to dress myself...
(All subject to change at any time....)
I'll be off with family for the next few days, as we are just now celebrating the season of cheer. See ya next week, when I'll share a few shops where I have found some decent fitting stuff!
Big Hugs,


Connie said...

Reva, you look beautiful. Life often throws us curve balls and you're handling it with grace.

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Hi Reva! I've missed you!

grunge-queen said...

You look great. I love the pop of colour. Have a great celebration with your fam! Xo

Marla Robinson said...

I love the color of that skirt, and the scarf colors just tie everything together. What a great outfit.

The Style Crone said...

So happy to see you back Reva. Happy New Year and I agree, maxis look good no matter the season.

Melanie said...

Great skirt! Isn't it wonderful how layers are so easy to pile on under a long skirt? The air curtain around the legs actually feels warmer to me too compared to having trouser fabric directly on my skin. Fantastic look. Happy holidays!!

Forest City Fashionista said...

It's never too late to learn what works on our bodies, and makes us happy. This is a wonderful skirt - I love the blast of red!

Bella Q said...

Ok i love this look you look long and lean and super yummy!

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