Culture In Decline

Since I was a girl, I loved to play dress-up. Even at the county fair as seen here (lol).
My Mom even made me a pair of faux Levi's as a teen. 
We didn't realize that cutting off the tag and adding it to home-made jeans was a no-no.
As a teen, I always had to have the latest shoe, jeans, or whatever cereal had the most sugar.
I never questioned whether I needed it or just wanted it.
Could it be the endless bombardment of commercials I was targeted with during my Saturday cartoons?

Want and need were the same to me.
Even into adulthood.

Today, as our resources are being depleted for the 'I Need' society we have grown accustomed to, I have began to realize that I am a huge "I Needer". Since I have gained 25 lbs, thus having to buy new clothes, I found  that it isn't easy to find quality clothing at a reasonable price. (And these I do need!) -or do I?
 My thrift adventures had become thrift safari's.
(Thank God for leggings and stretchy jeans-not to mention elastic!)
I still buy second-hand when I can, but the pickins are slim. I am now happy to find a few good staples to wear and play with my overflow of accumulated accessories.
I now look at all the clothes I have accumulated and feel smothered and a bit ashamed. Did I really need 15 black tees?

The Zeitgeist Movement  ( which goes way beyond simple consumerism) and
The Culture In Decline series is a great place to find the answers to becoming a smart consumer and at the same time finding ways to create sustainability and still enjoy my love of fashion. (All available on U-Tube).
I chose Episode 3, as it really hit home with me and my consumerism.
Plus, this dude is so smart and cool...

Some of the answers for me are to 
1. Think before I buy. Just a few minutes can be the difference in owning a good quality garment or 4 pieces of cheap fast fashion. I am rarely F21's bitch anymore...
2. To pay attention to where the garments are made and what policies does that government have on protecting the environment and the global economy.
3. To get ideas from expensive catalogues and re-create the look with a) stuff I already have b) parooze thrift shops.

AND to take TheCitizenRosebud's ongoing  pledge:

Don't worry, this is still a style blog-
I do have a disclaimer: Some of the stuff you will see me wearing will definitely be from 'last season' and beyond 
(if it still fits!).
You will not see any scalloped shorts, nor neon body con dresses...


Anonymous said...

Hi Reva!
I definitely think much before I decide what to buy, or what I think it is that I need so bad. I shop on line and look for ideas for the fit or shape I want, compare prices and then sometimes even make wish lists or add stuff to carts, but not purchase. Often times this helps me process until I don't even want it anymore. And, unless I know exactly what I want I don't allow myself to browse in stores or I'll always find something. Stores are SO set up to seduce, and I'd rather get my seducing somewhere know what I mean. ;)
I'm going back to watch some of the videos and am glad you posted one to get started. Ever since I started following some "minimalist" blogs I've cut way back, just in time for the unemployment line too. ;(
Looking forward to seeing more!

angie said...

The zeitgeist movements and all their documentaries have been such an eye opener to me.I live in Greece which has gone totaly the wrong way the last 3 years (neo -liberal politics)and I have become all the more consious about many things.Before I just consumed now I thrift ,swap ,remix and diy and crochet a lot.I love your blog.Happy new year Reva!

Sheila said...

Good for you, Reva! I'm on Citizen Rosebud's pledge as well - I'm really paying attention to where I buy, what I buy and the ethics behind it.

Melanie said...

Reva, you could wear a bag and your personality and heart would make it look fantastic. Except for my art supplies and my thrifting, I live a very minimalist lifestyle. I hope you are able to bag some things that make you feel good on your safaris.

Alex M said...

I've begun to think twice before I buy jewelry too. Mining is ecologically intensive and miners don't generally get paid very well. Yet I love my natural gemstones. I'm now rethinking that too....

Sabine said...

My trial to moderate my consumption is to think of the many pieces I have in my wardrobe and to avoid to buy something a) I already have in a similar version b) which does not match to anything I already have - only except of a unique vintage dress. What I also like is to upcycle old clothes, that gives me the chance to be creative without being a perfect seemstress.
I look forward to see what treasures of your wardrobe you will show us.

Forest City Fashionista said...

I have realized that I am at the point of saturation with clothing, and although I very rarely go into shops that only sell "New" clothes anymore, thrifting can become as much of a problem, even if it is cheaper and more ecologically friendly. More thought will be going into any purchases I make this year, and January is a self-imposed no-shopping month.

tammy Silverstyle said...

Reva, You make some very good points. I was brought up that way and for the most part (just a slight spending crazy time in my 20's)I have lived my life that way. Also, pretty proud of my 3 sons for following the no need, use what you have attitude.
I get the most joy from thrifting. Much better quality and wayyyy low prices.

Bella Q said...

I need to check this viddy out- thank you for sharing it.

And I feel you on the quality clothes for chubbies, I feel ya girl! Let's do yoga together, commit to walks and eating right- and lose our middles together. I'm so glad you're back online, and will always be a pleased as punch to see you play dress up- I love your style as it is so much than what you wear! Love you!

PinkCheetahVintage said...

Saw you on Rosebud's blog. I seriously just watched that whole video-- awesome. Sharing it with my hubby because Lee Camp made a little cameo and he loves that guy :)
I saw that you love an elastic waist and stretchy clothes... Me, too! Much harder to be stylish with my weight gain buuut I am trying!

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