Chillaxie Daisy

 sweater: Sears- leggings: Belk's - boots: F21(last year)
my new favorite pink lip 'stick' : wet n wild natural blend lip shimmer balm in 106
(certified natural products association )
An all-growed-up nourishing pink
Hi everybody!
We're back from a super-relaxing time in the Kentucky mountains. We spent time with family- laughing til we cried and crying til we laughed. It was a time of healing for us. A moment in this crazy life where we could just sit and breathe, bonding with nature. The hubby's parent's home is like a retreat with big white puffy towels and sleeping in, awakening to delicacies like home-made pancakes, real hand made candies and prime rib. But, the best parts were the love and laughter- plus all that nature. Thanks Mom and Dad ;)
Don't I look relaxie-taxie?
Here's to a kick-ass week!!!


Marla Robinson said...

Love your amazing leggings! So cute with your hat and scarf.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Reva! Bursting with joy and inspiration!

Sheila said...

I had a road trip too! Yours sound much more relaxing, though.

Paula Ruta said...

Reva! Good to see you back! Looking great--glad to see you are doing well~
hugs Paula

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

dang those are great leggings!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a divine vacation.

Sylvia said...

I love the colors of your outfit. It's so vibrant and fun!


Bella Q said...

AAAAAAAAAhhh! It is so good to see you here! Looking chill-axy awesome! Reva, I'm glad you are refreshed. You look beautiful!

grunge-queen said...

Reva, I love the pops of pink again, and also to see you relaxed and happy - nothing like spending quality time with loved-ones. Xo

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Reva, These leggings are fantastic. I also love the toque and the scarf, though I guess it's a beanie in your land. I've been looking through some of your posts, and love the fun pops of colour that you add to your outfits. Not only that, you really do look like you are having fun in your pics.

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