Summer in Black

The weather in the mid-western US has been absolutely perfect! 
Since the temps have dropped to the high 60's/low 70's,
With lots of summer brights 
and sheer pieces floating around,
I have suddenly been drawn to more basic pieces lately. 
So this cool season is giving me a chance to layer with black again. 
(For A few minutes, anyway)
Black is also the best backdrop for tons of accessories;)
I've also been jogging! YaY! The weather is perfect for it 
and I feel great doing something to make myself healthy.
I am finally working toward my goal to be 
"The Best Me I can Be" by 50!
TAN TUNIC,thrifted / BLACK SKIRT,Mossimo,thrifted / BOOTS,thrifted  
BAUBLES,various / HAT, Dot's
Here's to cool, healthy days!


Anonymous said...

I've always preferred these neutral colors but sometimes I do crave something brighter. Like you say, blacks and other neutrals are easy to accessories and you look great in these photos!
Here's to being your most hippest yet at 50!! And beyond! And just remember, you'll always be younger than me. ;)

sabine said...

with some basics and an eye-catcher you are creating your particular style, i like it, especially the necklaces are marvelous.

Bri said...

Love that you are wearing cowboy boots! Also, fabulous accessories you're wearing too!

Melanie said...

Wow, you're running! I think that's fantastic. Your attitude to self-improvement is really shining here - I see it! You look fantastic. It's cool here and I've been tending towards black these few days. I feel like hibernating, but your fun here is inspiring.

Lisa said...

Love how you jazzed up the basic palette and made it yours. The cowboy boots are a great touch!

pastcaring said...

You make basics/neutrals look so funky and stylish - love the jewellery and the boots. Well done on the running, I'm impressed! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Loving the cooler temps this week with a bit of rain thrown into the mix. Great mix you are wearing today too~!

Bella Q said...

I love you in summer black! I like the neutrals all dolled up in your cool boho jewels, babe! We've got rain today- that's my new summer- layers not very summery. You're looking GREAT to me so I can hardly wait to see how better is your best. xo. Bella Q

Penny-Rose said...

Thank you for following my blog. I love "The Best Me I can Be" by 50!", I think thats a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Jogging! For real? Keep up the good work, but you nearly gave me a heart attack.

La Dama said...

I adore in summer in black!
hot black cowgirl boots.
I miss my Ostrich cowboy boots.
That's just what I was thinking for tomorrow's post since it has been raining here all week.

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