10 DAYS - 10 WAYS

I Am...
June 1st through 10th 
join in the (RED) Rush to end AIDS.
For the next 10 days you can earn money
 to help end AIDS transmission by 2015! 
By going to www.redrush.com,
you have 10 ways to help.
If you purchase a tee shirt,
 100% of the proceeds goes to Global Fund 
to help deliver an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. 
Can you imagine?
No AIDS by 2015? It IS possible.
It only cost 40 cents a day for the meds needed to stop the transmission of HIV from mother to child.
Starbucks, Converse, many rock bands, and lots of other companies are offering to donate a percentage of their sales. You can even help by playing games! 
So, please check out the site, grab a button, and go RED!
The beginning of the END of AIDS begins with me.
And you.
Check it out here:

Here's to a new generation!


Sara said...

Thank you for posting this. :) Red Rush is really a wonderful thing.

Love how you've paired the shirt w/ a lovely, flouncy skirt. So original and inspiring at the very same time. XO

josep-maria badia said...

I also pointed to the inspired. Direct the purchase button. The shirt goes well with your skirt

Anonymous said...

Hi Reva! I'm headed over now! Have a good weekend....

wardrobeexperience said...

great post and great outfit.


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