Tonight's the Night / Bye, Bye Google Reader....

Hi Everybody!!!
Still like fashion on the cheap?
Living a creative, empowered life?
Watching a generation of mid-life women blossom?
and flounder ;)
 Grow more beautiful while still navigating life? 
Defying the 'rules' on a daily basis while being a funky bad-ass?
And all while having hot flashes???
Tonight's the night!
Switch over to Bloglovin' to read Revas Rags 2 Roses!
( And all your favorite blogs )
Click here:
If you use Google reader, 
Bloglovin will do all the work for you!
How nice of them ;)

I will still be creating eclectic outfits, DIY's,
 chatting about the meaning of life, etc. 
You know, the big stuff.... so,
I can be found on Twitter revasrags2roses-(@Retro_Reva), Facebook (revasrags2roses), 
Google +, and E-mail.
Click on the choices on my left sidebar.
I'm all set. See you on Bloglovin' tomorrow!

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Bella Q said...

I will follow you anywhere, anyhow.
Goodbye Boogle Reader! Hello Gloglovin'!

Lynn Dylan said...

LOL. Love the picture of you with the sparkle in your glasses!!!


Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I follow! I follow!! weeeeeeeee!!!

Connie said...

Reva, you are so cute. I'm following you forever.

Carina Rosenholm said...

Of Course i Will follow!

Paula Ruta said...

I still use m reading list from Blogger AND I have you in my Bloglovin'! xoxo

Underemployed said...

Still gotcha! Great pictures.

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