Honoring the Saint

I hope everyone has a big honkin' box of chocolates to binge on today!
Happy Saint Lovey-Dovey Day !


Sacramento Amate said...

Lots of love, my delicious Reva.

Bella Q said...

YOU are my big box of tasty chocolates, Reeves! What a delicious treat to see your face! Muahz!

Franca said...

so cute!

Anonymous said...

Reva, when Bella and I met we both wished you could have been with us. Maybe we'll have to make a date and the three of us meet half way someday. Would be splendid fun!

This is hands down the best Valentine inspired outfit I've seen. Very cute!

oomph. said...

suuuper cute scarf, reva! have a wonderful valentines!


silvergirl said...

Happy Valentine's Day
Love the pink tights with the black

Lesa said...

Super Cute Reva! Love the Hot Pink instead of the traditional red!

This is Lesa from Always Summer, I'm back! Will you check me out from time to time?

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