Leapin' Leather

Hi Everybody!
Today is the day we have an extra day to blow off!
Though, I'm glad my birthday isn't on the 29th....
(Hey, 3 'days' in that first sentence)

I've been watching and loving a show I just found called 
"How To Look Good Naked"
Why so smitten?
1) It's about real women with real bodies!
2) It's from Britain - nuf said...
3) The guy is so cool and he loves a great rack.
4) The women are pampered then take a nude photo.
I do think it may be off the air, as all I'm finding are older re-runs. This look would be a miss as my boobies are wider than my bottom. I can tell he's right by telling us to balance out our jumblies with wider skirts and pants. See above? But, since this is a non-day, this outfit won't count... If you notice my belt started up high, (too choppy) but settled in a comfortable place slung low as to elongate my torso. I just dropped 10 lbs! Especially since I can't walk with my legs really wide all day...
Yep, Granny still rocks...
Vintage motorcycle jacket: Goodwill (over-priced at 40 bucks, but worth it!)
Tee/Skirt: Gabriel Bros. ($5 & &9), Hat:thrifted $2, Boots: Target ($12.00)
Brooch:gift, Earrings:Sears$3-Funky reading glasses: thrifted,$2.00
Do something unusual today ;)


silvergirl said...

Cute biker chick look
you certainly look like you are having fun taking those photos!

Linda said...

you look great! Yup, grandmas can still rock.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Love those amazing earrings! =)


Debbi@SheAccessorizesWell said...

You do rock! I love this outfit. That is an amazing jacket.

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